How To Lower High Triglycerides

How to Lower High Triglycerides

Our today topic is how to lower high triglycerides?We will discuss about how to lower high triglycerides?How To Lower High TriglyceridesWe will share the best answer of how to lower high triglycerides?The effect of high triglyceride on the heart can be as much as the risk of other heart diseases like high cholesterol.Studies show that high triglycerides increase heart attack and stroke risk. Knowing your triglyceride levels is as important as knowing your good and bad cholesterol levels. In most cases, high triglycerides and low ‘good’ cholesterol levels are compatible with each other and these risks may come from the family.

Are your triglycerides values ​​healthy or high?
You may want to keep your triglycerides below 150. The more you rise, the more you risk. Here are the triglyceride levels you should know:

Normal triglyceride levels are below 150 mg / dL.
Triglyceride values ​​at the limit are between 150 and 199 mg / dl.
Upwards of 200 mg / dL is too high.
Above 500 mg / dL is too high.
High triglycerides are associated with obesity, diabetes, kidney disease and thyroid disease. The first thing your doctor will do is correct these problems. In the long run, the most important thing you need to do is change your lifestyle to keep triglycerides under control.

How To Lower High Triglycerides

How to reduce triglycerides
Most of the things you will do to improve your general health can also significantly reduce your triglyceride levels.How To Lower High Triglycerides Changes in your lifestyle, such as changing your diet and losing weight, can potentially halve your triglyceride levels.

1. Lose weight.
If you are overweight, give 5% to 10% of your body weight – like 5 to 10 pounds for someone who weighs 90 pounds – will reduce your triglycerides by about 20%.

2. Reduce sugar.
Individuals with less than 10% of added daily calorie intake have the lowest triglyceride levels. AHA (American Heart Association) recommends that only 5% of your daily allowances be added sugar. That means 150 grams (9 teaspoons) for men and 100 grams (6 teaspoons) for women. Because, in the average person’s diet, the greatest sources of sugar are cola and other sugary drinks. The only way to reduce your sugar intake is to drink more than 3 boxes a week (or other sweetened beverages).

3. Consuming Fibrous Foods Instead of
sugar or other refined carbohydrates, focus on fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

4. Limit fructose.
Research has shown that the consumption of too much fructose (a kind of sugar) leads to high triglycerides. High fructose corn syrup is one of the major sources of fructose. Since normal table sugar contains fructose at the same level as almost high fructose corn syrup (50% to 42% to 55%), you should limit both to reduce triglycerides. By looking at the table of contents, you can determine which foods contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

How To Lower High Triglycerides

Since fructose, which triglycerides can elevate, is found naturally even in some fruits, How To Lower High Triglyceridesyou should pay attention to what kinds of fruits you consume if you have high triglycerides. Dried grapes such as dried grapes or palm are relatively low in fructose content, peach, melon, grapefruit, strawberry and banana fructose.

To reduce your triglycerides, keep your total daily fructose consumption less than 100 grams, preferably less than 50 grams.

5. Adhere to
a partially low-fat diet You may be surprised to find that a low-fat diet is not as effective as a low-fat diet in reducing triglycerides. The AHA recommends that people with high triglycerides receive about 25% to 35% of their daily calories from the oil. It’s just about 37%, just below an average diet. Replacing your regular dairy products with low-fat ones can help lower your triglyceride levels.

How would you know if you got oil right there? For one of the 2000 calorie recipes per day is 30, 600 calories. That’s 9 grams per gram, about 67 grams of oil per day. From the “energy and nutrients” section on the food packs, you can find the amount of grams per serving.

6. Pay attention to the oil you are consuming
Reduce the amount of saturated fats in red meat, poultry oil, butter, cheese, milk, coconut oil, and palm oil and reduce the trans fats found in fat and margarine. Replace the trans fat with more healthy multi- and monounsaturated fats. Aspire, corn and soy oils are examples of polyunsaturated oils. Examples of monounsaturated oils are rapeseed and olive oil. Unsaturated fats are better for you in terms of cholesterol and triglycerides, but they are high calories. So be careful how much you use to cook food or you can gain weight.

7. Add omega-3 fatty acids
Oily fish such as salmon, herring, sardines, lake trout, and tuna fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are actually useful for you. How To Lower High TriglyceridesTo see the benefit of the American Heart Association, we recommend you eat at least 2 times a week fatty fish. If you already have high triglycerides, you can use omega-3 pills for extra support that  can not provide alone. Pills should be taken under the supervision of a physician as too much omega-3 blood will prevent clotting.

8. Exercise
If your triglycerides are high, you will do most of the day, and physical activity at a mean density of at least 30 minutes may decrease your triglyceride levels. Exercise also has an important role in keeping your weight under control.

9. Limit alcohol While
others have been unable to elicit any association, some investigations have linked very small amounts of triglycerides to elevated levels, even with very little alcohol. AHA recommends people with high triglycerides to avoid alcohol altogether.

10. Take drugs that lower
triglycerides If your triglyceride values ​​are too high (500 mg ), your doctor will drop triglycerides such as fibrates, How To Lower High Triglyceridesniacin, omega-3s some medicines may be recommended. However, dropping triglyceride alone does not seem to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, so be careful of your diet and continue to exercise.


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