how to live longer and healthier

16 Secrets for a Longer Life

How to live longer and healthier? Well Today we will tell you how to live longer and healthier.A healthy and happy life will make you feel better now, and a longer life will also be a supporter.

How To Live Longer And Healthier

1. Protect DNA
As you get older, the ends of the chromosomes, called telomeres, start to shorten. This makes people more susceptible to diseases. You might think there’s nothing to do with it, but a new search says the opposite. According to the research, changes in lifestyle provide an enzyme secretion that increases telomer length. Other research shows healthy eating and exercise protect telomeres. So healthy habits can slow aging at cellular level.

2. Be Aware
An 80-year-old research was revealed: people with high awareness live long. Researchers measured features such as insisting on detail and insistence. People with high awareness are more committed to protecting their health, building stronger relationships and having better careers.

3. Establish Friendship
Science has given you another reason to be thankful to your friends – they can help you live longer. Australian researchers discover that social people live longer than people with fewer friends. Furthermore, 148 more studies are related to the multitude of social connections than to the long life.

4. Be Careful When Choosing Your Friends
Your friends’ habits also affect you, so find friends with healthy lifestyles. Research shows that obesity is socially contagious. If you have an obese friend, your chances of becoming obese increase by 57%. Smoking is another habit that spreads with social ties, but leaving good news cigarettes is also contagious.

5. Leave the cigarette
It may surprise you to hear the amount of it, even if you know that leaving the cigarette will extend the rest of your life. According to a 50-year British study, leaving a 30-year-old smoking cigarette extends your life by 10 years. If you get rid of this bad habit at the age of 40, you are saved at 9, 50 years old. If you get rid of at 6, 60 years old, you are giving life for 3 years.

6. Hibernate for lunch
Everyone knows that lunar sleep has given you liveliness, and now there is some scientific proof that you have helped your long life. According to an experiment with 24,000 participants, those who regularly take no sleep are occasionally experiencing 37% fewer heart diseases than areas. Researchers think that sleep helps the heart by reducing stress hormones.

7. Follow a Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and fish. In total, 50 studies involving half a million people revealed the impressive benefits of this diet. The results showed that this diet significantly reduced the risks of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

8. Get married
Many studies have shown that married people live longer. Researchers attribute this to the social and economic support provided by marriage. However, people who are divorced or widowed have lower moral values ​​than never married people.

9. Lose Weight
If you are overweight, thinning will protect you from diabetes, heart disease and other life shortening situations. Since hub oils are particularly harmful, try to get rid of them. Fibrous foods are the first methods you will use to eat and exercise, to melt belly fat.

10. Move
Exercisers live longer than those who do not. Hundreds of studies show that regular physical exercise reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, certain forms of cancer, and depression. Exercise even helps to have mental acuity in old age.

11. Get Less Alcohol
Heart diseases are less common in normal smokers than non-smokers. But keep in mind: the more alcohol increases belly fat, is an invitation to cause high blood pressure and other health problems. American Heart Association if you are using alcohol, a glass limits for women, while for men says that 1-2 cups. But if you do not use it, do not start. There are other ways to protect your heart.

12. Give importance to Spirituality
Research shows that those who attend religious rituals live longer than those who never attend. Based on 12 years of research conducted with people above the age of 65, more than one week a key role in the religious field immune system proteins found in participants in the ritual more. The risk of death was less than the other group.

13. Affedin
There are surprise benefits in your physical sense to let your kin go. Chronic anger reduction of lung function, heart disease, stroke and other diseases are directly related. Forgiveness reduces anxiety, lowers blood levels and allows you to breathe more easily. These benefits increase as you get older.

14. Be Your Sleep Priority
Enough quality sleep, obesity, diabetes, reduces the risk of heart disease and bipolar disorder. Sufficient sleep also speeds up your escape from the illnesses. Waiting for midnight sleep also brings serious health problems. Sleep less than 5 hours a day means the risk of premature death.

15. Manage Stress
According to a study published by doctor Dean Ornish, changes in lifestyle, including stress management, do not just prevent heart disease, but reverse it. Although avoiding strösten is not a viable option for many people, there are several ways to control it. Try yoga, meditation and deep breathing. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference.

16. Always a Purpose

Finding meaningful hobbies or activities can contribute to a long life. Japanese researchers are discovering that people with certain goals have significantly less risk of dying from pot diseases, stroke and other diseases than those without. According to an experiment conducted at Rush University, the pursuit of intentions leads to a fall in the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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