How to install a bathroom?

Most of us think that the installation of the toilet is something that we should leave to the professionals.

This is partially true; if you do not have time then it is probably the best idea to let a professional plumber work. Bathroom installers Sheffield provides the most skilled plumbers in the country you can hire them for the professional work but if you have a little time and are willing to make a little effort in this home project, installing a bathroom is a great job to start with an installation for the first time. In fact, you can have one installed in a few simple steps, we will see it below step by step.

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What you will need

First, you will need to get ready the tools and materials before beginning the installation process. Most bathrooms come with all the parts you need, in any case, you will require a toilet ring, as well as 5/16 inch bolts to block the toilet.

If you are replacing an old toilet with a new one, remove the old one by cutting the water supply and pulling the chain, remove the excess water with a bucket.

At the bottom of the tank exactly on the left side, you will find a nut that holds the water line to the ball valve, you have to remove that. You will also have to remove the two screws that block the toilet to the floor. Once this is done, simply lift the toilet. On the floor you will notice a circular flange; this is where you will assemble your new toilet.

Put the 5/16 inch bolts in the holes with the heads inside, so that they are straight and opposite one another. Place the new toilet ring on the flange with the flat side facing up. Now you just have to put the new toilet on the flange so that the bolts are in the right places. Apply a little pressure, so that the ring makes a seal to mount the toilet on the floor.

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The next part of the toilet installation is to tighten the screws with nuts and washers, but with care (excessive adjustment will cause the bowl to wear). You just have to have the bolts to tighten firmly. Now you have to install the tank, you will have to push the mounting bolts on the bottom, as you did with the flange. In this case, you will have to place the rubber washers to ensure a perfect fit.

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Place a rubber ring over the pipe discharge (this is where the tank meets the bowl). Make sure the ring is securely fastened and the bolts pass through the holes. Tighten these bolts with the washers; get someone to hold the tank firmly down so you can screw tightly.

Now what you need to put is one of the most important parts of the installation, the handle of the toilet, remember to turn the nut in the opposite direction, since it is a reverse thread. Next, connect the fin and the chain inside the tank. Once this is done, you are ready to fix the toilet lid to the bowl.

There must be a water line ready to enter the bottom of the tank, connect it and then open the water. Keep an eye open for leaks, and then pull the chain several times.

If the container holds the water without problems, you are ready to screw the bowl to the ground. If there are still some shakes, you can use rubber wedges to stabilize things. Once you have screwed the bowl, cut the ends of the bolts and put the plastic lid on them. Putting a bit of putty around the base of the cup is also a good idea since it offers a shield and greater stability.

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