How To Increase Metabolism

Ways to Accelerate Metabolism: 8 Effective Methods

Our today topic is how to increase metabolism?We will talk about how to increase metabolism?Metabolism is a term used to describe chemical reactions involving the survival of all living organisms and cells. Do you want to speed up your metabolism? The issue is to lose weight when we all have a faster metabolism. Among the ways to accelerate metabolism, the following 8 effective methods come to the fore:

Acceleration of Metabolism
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Attention Normal
What is Metabolism?
Metabolism is the amount of energy that is necessary for the body to maintain its necessary function.

Which Doctorate / Department?
If you want to speed up your metabolism correctly, you should get Nutrition and Dietetics.

For green tea first to accelerate metabolism. The amount of caffeine is approximately 4 to 1 of black tea, so you can drink plenty. Bitter food. Especially in the morning to eat hot pepper will accelerate your metabolism during the day. Strengthen the back muscles of the leg. It is enough to sit down and sit down slowly. Employees in the office can do this by sitting up slowly 5 times an hour.

How To Increase Metabolism 8 Easy Ways :-

1.Do not skip breakfast
In order to protect the energy while you sleep, your body slowsHow To Increase Metabolism down your metabolism. The first thing helps to speed up your metabolism. A good breakfast consists of complex carbohydrates, that is, oatmeal or whole grain bread, egg white and banana.

2. Eat 5-6 Meals a Day
You don’t have to eat more, you should eat only more often. By doing this, your body knows that the energy source is constant, and then turns it into oil instead of turning it into oil. This is one of the key factors in accelerating your metabolism.How To Increase Metabolism

3. Replace What You Eat
It will speed up your metabolism more often, but also what you eat. Feeding with high sugar foods will increase your blood sugar and cause the body to store them as fat. Try to eat more whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables. Try to balance your meals with protein (such as egg white and white meat) and healthy fats (fish and nuts).

4.Green Tea
Green tea has incredible fat burning properties. Many studies have shown that green tea has positive effects on metabolism. That’s why you can see green tea in many diet pills.How To Increase Metabolism

5.Vitamins Intake
You should never remain vitamins for a healthy body. Especially if you feel constantly tired of group B vitamins and iron deficiency. Therefore, you can accelerate your metabolism by paying attention to vitamin intake.How To Increase Metabolism

Yeah, most people don’t. If you’re not exercising, start with something. Take short walks, play with children. You have to move your body to accelerate your metabolism and burn calories.How To Increase Metabolism

7. Interval Training
Have you ever noticed? Some people do tons of cardio training but after a while they stop weight loss. This is due to the stabilization of their metabolism. Your body metabolism quickly adapts to your new environment. To solve this, use Interval Training. Start at low speeds, then accelerate, then slow down again. There are many ways to do this. If you do it correctly, you can really accelerate the metabolism and burn calories.

8.Weights Training
You can accelerate your metabolism by making more muscle. Because your body will have to support new muscles. Women should not worry about not having enough testosterone to produce muscle. Weight training is a must if you want a faster metabolism.

Basal metabolism
Basal metabolism is a term used to describe the amount of energy our body needs to survive during rest. The energy required for any movement, even after awakening, is not included in the basal metabolism.

You can think of the basal metabolism as the calories burned by the body to provide the energy needed during your sleep. This energy is required for life support. Breathing, to make the heart beat and keep the body temperature at the required level.

Basal Metabolism Calculation
You can calculate your basal metabolism with your height, weight and age. But remember, you can only find an approximate value.

BMH formula:

For men
(88.4 + 13.4 * your weight in kilograms) + (4.8 * centimeters by height) – (5.68 years old)
For women
(447.6 + 9.25 * in kilograms) + (3.10 * centimeters) – (4.33 * years old)

Age of Metabolism

The age of metabolism is not a scientific term. Your age, weight, gender, daily water consumption and so on. information is required and medical tools are required for accurate calculation. For this reason, it is not possible to measure yourself with your own means.
If the age of metabolism is lower than your actual age, this indicates that your health is in place. If your age is greater than your actual age, you may have health problems.

How the Metabolism Slows
It is not wise to slow down your metabolism to gain weight. But if you want to slow down your metabolism, there are some methods you can apply.

Take out meals
Passing your meals is not a healthy way to slow down the metabolism, but it is effective. When you’re out of your meal, your metabolism thinks you’re prepared for scarcity and begins storing energy.

Take a nap during the day
Metabolism slows down during sleep. Therefore, the confectionery you make during the day will cause your metabolism to slow down.How To Increase Metabolism

Do not drink cold water and do not eat ice
Drinking cold water and eating ice reduces body temperature and leads to an acceleration of metabolism to return to its normal level. Therefore avoid this duo.
Cholesterol Drop
Eat Omega 3 oil
Stay away from trans fats
Eat soluble fibers
Lose weight
Leave the cigarette
Reduce alcohol consumption


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