how to increase bone strength by food

5 Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Bones and Joints

How to increase bone strength by food?Answer is very simple.Protecting your bones and joints is vital to your health. And for a quality life. Unfortunately, nowadays, many people complain about their bones and joints. It is possible that you will not encounter such problems with a few changes in your lifestyle.

How to increase bone strength by food

1. Get Calcium Sufficient
According to the American Bone Health Department, getting enough calcium daily increases the bone density and keeps the bones strong. Rich sources of calcium are dairy products such as milk and yogurt, cheese. If dairy products do not appeal to your taste, you can try cabbage, soya bean, peanut, walnut and broccoli.

2. Vitamin D is very important
D vitamins play a very important role in the absorption of calcium mineral by the body. People who do not get enough vitamin D are at risk of bone fractures. Because vitamin D deficiency causes calcium deficiency, which means low bone density or mass, weakened bones and bone loss. Your body’s capacity to produce vitamin D falls with age. That’s why you need external resources. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D because your skin converts sunlight from ultraviolet rays to vitamin D and stores it for later use. But do not be exposed to the sun light for a long time, because the deep long-term interaction with the sun can invite skin cancer. You can also direct foods rich in vitamin D content. Salmon, seafood such as geranium and tuna, dairy products,

3. Green Tea
Surveys show that green tea can help protect your bones. According to a study published in the journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, some chemicals found in green tea do not diminish the bruises that occur in bones, but they allow bones to grow. These chemicals block the functions of bone destroying cells called osteoclasts.

4. Be Physically Active
Inadequate exercise causes bone loss and a possible osteoporosis (bone erosion) disease. According to the Mayo Clinical Research Center, exercising as hard as it can, strengthens joints by slowing down and impeding the process of bone loss. You can do weight exercises for your joints and strengthen them.

5. Leave the cigarette
One of the many damages of cigarette cause bone loss. If you smoke, you are more likely to get bone loss. Cigarette smokers over the middle age are 35 percent more likely to suffer from hip cracking than non-smokers. It prevents your cigarette bones from getting some reinforcements and also reduces the calcium absorption of the body. It also reduces the production of bone-forming cells and causes bone loss.

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