How To Improve posture

Your body posture was corrected in one step

Our today topic is how to improve posture?Would you like to fix your body posture (posture) almost immediately without any effort?

I’ve done it recently, and you can do it.

I do not share my self in this achievement, because I did not invent the technique that I will soon tell. Although I do not apply this technique as much as I desire, it is my craftsmanship at the point of activity.

It’s an acupuncturist that allows me to meet with this magical technique. Acupuncture is probably much more beneficial, but acupuncture is not necessary for it.

How To Improve posture

You do not need another or other tools for what you will do for a better body posture. You can do it all on your own, at any time, anywhere you want. You do not even have to get up from your seat.

For a Better Body Posture
Turn your palms up. That’s it.

As in the picture above, turn your palms up when you are not using your hand.

This position is quite familiar to those who practice meditation and yoga. But those who spend a lot of time with computers, cooks, or people who are in need of constantly using their hands will come alien. Even as we do not use our hands (when we are sitting, walking or standing), our hands are facing down or in the backward direction as a habit. Because holding the palm upwards is strange, an unusual move.

But once you start doing it, you will immediately feel the effects. When you turn your palms up, you will feel a momentum pulling the upper part of the body backwards. This feeling will occur in a completely natural way. It’s like somebody is gently pulling back from your shoulders.

Try. If you are using your hands, stop and rest your legs. Turn your palms up.

Yes, it’s very simple but I’m telling you: it works, and it’s fast.

First Hand Achievement Story: A Better Body Posture Between Two Hours A Week
I learned this short way about 10 days ago at a seminar by Japanese acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto. Kiiko is known for his amusing and eccentric teaching style. Throughout the lessons, he frequently deviated from a topic and attempted to explain the anecdotes that seemed unrelated. When you came back to the subject you would realize how important it was just what you said.

He was quick to tell his technique of turning his palms up. He pointed to the parallel muscles connecting the spine and the scapula, and stated that the muscles could be used correctly with this technique. He added that he invented the “palm up” technique after noticing the disorder in his body posture.

How To Improve posture

I have been practicing this technique since 10 days. Whenever I notice that I do not need my hands, I turn my palms up.

I thought I needed more time to test the technique, but it worked well in less than two weeks. There was a noticeable improvement in body posture. I also felt an openness in my chest. I now breathe more easily.

From the Acupuncture Perspective: “Why Should We Pull Upside Down?”
The observation that turning your palms up opens the chest is based on the theory of acupuncture and shows why this technique is important.

With acupuncture we often hear the term meridian. What are these meridians? Meridians are the pipes that are thought to be wandering in our bodies and carry life energy (Ki). There are 12 meridians in the body and they take different tasks. A glitch in the pipelines that are thought to be this leads to various imbalances in the body.

Within the arm, the meridians in the region from chest and armpits to palms are: heart meridian, pericardial meridian and lung meridian.

Heart, pericardium and lung meridians are very important in Chinese medicine as well as in western medicine, where heart and lungs are vital.

Let’s see what functions of the meridians we are talking about.

Heart Meridian: breathing, heart functions, sleep, emotional balance and temperature regulation.

Pericardial Meridian: breathing, blood circulation and upper stomach functions.

Lung Meridians: breathing, immune functions, sweating, body heat and discharge.

How To Improve posture

Our lifestyles force us to keep our hands and arms looking down and back. This creates a tendency to hump forward in the body. So our body is gathered inward and compresses the heart, pericardium and lung meridians.

It is of great importance to ensure that these margins flow smoothly and that they fulfill their functions.

I try this technique only 10 days a day and when I continue the “turn palms” exercises, I think I will make the movement of the heart, pericardium and lung meridians much better.

While you are looking down at your palms, stop and try to imagine the meridians going from your arm through your palms. When you turn your palms up, imagine that the flow in the meridians will come to a healthy level.

I guarantee you that when you do this simple exercise, your body position will improve. If the theory is correct, you might be able to see more benefits.


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