How To Get Rid Of A Callus

How does the foot fall and how does it pass?

Our today topic is how to get rid of a callus?We will talk about how to get rid of a callus?We will share very easy answer of how to get rid of a callus?How To Get Rid Of A CallusCallus is a protective layer of thick, tight, and dead cells that protects against damage and injury, especially in bony areas. Nasir is not painful when it first begins to form. Constant friction and pressure applied to the same area of ​​the foot (root of the heel or toe) leads to callus formation on the foot.

Footprints can be ugly and embarrassing for some, but they should not be forgotten that callus formation is part of the body’s defense system. Unfortunately, in some people, callus formation is easier. Because there is less soft tissue between the bones and the skin.

How To Get Rid Of A Callus

Signs of Foot Nail
If you suspect that a call is being made, you can check if you carry the following statement.

Skin thickening with oval shape but no sharp lines, especially in bony areas
Thickening underwater color change (red, brown or yellow-gray)
Burning or throbbing sensation
It is important to remember that calluses are not usually painful and do not cause much discomfort. But if proper treatment is not done, the callus can cause other problems as infected.

If the foot gets worse, the following symptoms can be seen:

Sensitivity to the field around callus
Pus or fluid flow around callus
SwellingHow To Get Rid Of A Callus
Untreated foot
calluses Untreated calluses can also lead to other problems, such as pitted skin lesions. In cases where the foot calluses are deep rooted, keratosis is called. These extremely painful lesions that occur under the skin can sometimes make it difficult to walk, stand up or even wear shoes. Although this is a painful situation for everyone, diabetes is an even more serious problem for patients.

How To Get Rid Of A Callus

Why does the foot cause it?
Feet foot is caused by continuous pressure and friction on the foot. This friction and pressure are due to some reasons. Some of these are:

Unsuitable shoe use: Especially very small, narrow or narrow-tipped shoes, high heels.
The use of stockings in the manner that causes the rubs to gather at the foot tip.
Wandering around with bare feet also leads to deep thickening.
Flat foot: It is said that the foot belt is too low and the foot can not balance.
Finger foot circumference: The nasir is inflamed on the toes.
Athletic activities
Abnormal walking pattern
High arched foot
Bony finger protrusionsHow To Get Rid Of A Callus
Worn footwear
The long leg scarf near to it causes more pressure and friction than normal ones.
How does the foot pass? Step 3
If you want to have smooth feet, you can apply a 3-step process consisting of waiting, rubbing and drying in the water. You can try different methods until you find the method that works best for you.

1) Waiting in water

Carbonate: Add 3 tablespoons of carbonated starch to the warm water and leave your feet in this water for 30 minutes to remove the dead skin.

Chamomile tea: Bake a teapot tea and leave your feet in this water for 30 minutes. You can rinse your feet with soap to get rid of the stains.

Apple Circle: Allow a slice of bread to remain in apple crate for 10 hours to form paste. Before putting this paste on the callus, wrap it in a bandage or plastic bag. Wait for the night and wash with warm water in the morning.

English salt: You can keep your feet in a mixture of warm water and English salt, soften your noodles and get rid of toxins. In addition, rubbing with salt also helps to reduce the callus.

2) Scrubbing

Sponge Stone: You can scrub calluses after you have been immersed in water or by using pumice stone or foot files during showering. Warm water will soften your feet before rubbing.

Skin Up to Pinkes: Your feet are strong, with circular movements, your skin rubs up pink.How To Get Rid Of A Callus

3) Drying

Moisture: Dry your feet with a towel so that no moisture is left.

Corn Starch: You can sprinkle corn starch on the nasir and keep it dry and prevent infections.

How to prevent 
You want to spend time on foot care and make sure that it survives after passing the calluses. Here are tips on how to prevent the re-formation of calluses in your feet:

Use your own shoes to fit your
feet The size or shape of shoes that do not fit in the foot will cause calluses to form. When you buy new shoes, test first and let the dealer determine the size that suits you.

Clean and Dry
Keep your feet clean and dry. This also prevents your feet from getting an infection or cork.

If you want to walk or run, you can reduce the friction caused by running the petrol over the troubled areas on your feet (such as heels and fingers).

Use your shoes to change
Open shoes wear increases callus formation. Rest your feet by wearing sneakers every few days.
Choose footwear made from natural materials so your feet can get air. (like skin)

Applying Dermatologist in Serious Situations As your
feet carry your weight all day, they need to be in the best possible position at all times. If you notice pain or cracked, fried, hot skin, contact your doctor as soon as possible.How To Get Rid Of A Callus

Note: If you are diabetic, you should not try to treat your foot problems without asking your doctor.


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