How To Fix Cracked Heels Permanently

Heel Cracks Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is how to fix cracked heels permanently?Heel fractures are a very common problem. It can cause pain when the heel cracks are deep, standing or pressure on the ball. When not treated, the cracks can become deeper and lead to bleeding and infection. This may be particularly dangerous for individuals with weakened immune systems.We will discuss the best answer of how to fix cracked heels permanently.

Causes of Heel Cracks
Skin onset (xerosis) is the most common cause of heel cracks. Heel cracks can also occur when constant pressure is exerted on the heels. This usually occurs when you have a long walk or a lot of standing. Other common causes of heel fractures are:

Excess Kilos
Excess kilos (excess kilos can cause excessive pressure on the foot, which can lead to heel opening). The pressure applied when the skin is not elastic can lead to cracks.

How To Fix Cracked Heels Permanently

Open Footwear on the
Rear Wearing open footwear on the back can also cause cracking by causing the oily layer below the heel to separate on both sides.

Some health conditions can also cause dryness. Diabetes causes less sweating. (activity in diabetic patients reduces the metabolic rate of the thyroid body, which leads to a decrease in the serum, resulting in cracking along with dryness at the bottom).

Skin Diseases Skin diseases
such as psoriasis and eczema can also cause dry skin and heel cracks.

Irregular Function of Sweat Glands
Reduced activity in sweat glands also triggers the formation of furrows and cracks.

Heel Crack Treatment
1. Medical Treatment The
foot disease specialist may recommend taking a hardened tissue from standing or heeled tissue. If there is pain in the cracks after taking the hard part, the doctor may recommend using a wrapper which allows the cracks to coalesce until it heals. Sometimes the specialist can recommend using tissue glue to make the crack faster.

How To Fix Cracked Heels Permanently

2. Humectants Humectants
suitable for heel cracks are found in pharmacies. While any moisturizer may be appropriate, special moisturizers for overly dry skin may be more beneficial. In more serious cases, a suitable moisturizer can be obtained by consulting the specialist directly. To get maximum benefit from moisturizers, keep your feet in warm water for 15 minutes. Then drizzle your foot and crawl through the cracks in your ball.

3. Hot Water and Pumice Stone
Despite everything, the most suitable medicine for heel cracking is hot water. Hot water softens the hard skin, making it easy to take hard skin with sponge stone. If there is no pumice stone, using sandpaper also works the same. This process allows the dead skin around the cracks to be thrown, accelerating the healing and closing of the wound.

4. Banana
Crush some mature banana into the cracks in the heel and wait for 15 minutes then clean the exposed part. You can apply this procedure before going to bed and wait until you are ready to go, but in this case you need to wear protective stockings. This application also accelerates the closure of cracks by making a moisturizing effect.

Let your Soapy Water Foot stand overnight in hot soapy water for 15-20 minutes and then dry. Soapy water also has a moisturizing effect and prevents infection formation to a large extent.

How To Fix Cracked Heels Permanently

6. Olive
oil It is effective to apply olive oil as a moisturizer to the cracks in the heel. Before bed, put olive oil on the ball and put on socks as a protector and wait for one night. You can do this until the cracks close. Olive oil moisturizing effect will help the wound to close faster.

In addition, the following measures must be taken into account.

It is important to use your shoes completely enclosed and behind closed shoes. Behind the open shoe reduces the support around the heel, causing the oily layer below the foot to spread, and the pressure applied to the sole may cause crack formation.Using a shoe lining is also an important factor that prevents the formation of thick skin on the soles of the feet.It is also an effective method to regularly use the heel to prevent the spread of the foot base and thus the formation of cracks.
If the heel pain is severe or bleeding occurs, or if there is a development of infection in the crack area, the doctor should be consulted.


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