How To Cure Itchy Throat And Dry Cough

Throat Itch Causes and Treatment

Our today topic is how to cure itchy throat and dry cough?We will discuss about how to cure itchy throat and dry cough?The answer is simple of how to cure itchy throat and dry cough?Throat pruritus or tickling is usually no more than a minor discomfort. It can be a symptom of a cold or allergies. Or because of the dry weather.

But the throat itching that keeps coming can be annoying. Itching in the throat can disrupt your sleep, distract your day-to-day work, cause pain and irritation in the throat.

How To Cure Itchy Throat And Dry Cough

Why is throat irritation?
The surface of the throat is covered by the mucus texture and the extreme points of the nerve cells. These nerve endings can be irritated by food, air, viruses or allergic reactions. The mucus normally needs to moisten the throat and allow the food to pass easily. But sometimes the mucus can dry and the throat can itch. This is usually due to an infection or the body’s dehydration. In some cases, the body produces too much mucus, causing the throat to over-moisturize, causing itching again.

Causes of Throat Itch
The causes of throat pruritus are:

Dehydration of the body (Dehydration)
Probably the most common cause of throat pruritus is the body’s dehydration. It occurs when the throat is dry and mucus is not produced enough to protect the sensitive tissue.It usually helps to drink water. But if it does not work, you should consult your doctor. Continuous dehydration can be a sign of a more serious medical problem. Some of these problems are diabetes and a viral infection.

Nutrition, Drugs and Lifestyle In
addition to not drinking enough water, some foods and drinks can cause throat pruritus. Caffeine can cause the body to become dehydrated. So if you consume too much coffee and tea, this may be the cause of the throat prick. Some antidepressants and medications can also cause itching in the throat. Read the medication package carefully for this. Smoking can irritate the throat and cause itching.By changing these habits and getting help from your doctor about alternative medicines, you can get rid of itching in the throat.

Excessive use of the
throat During the day, excessive use of the throat causes dryness and pruritus. In too many speaking or crying, it is seen in singing, in wrong and singing, in shouting, or in snoring. It also occurs in those who have to breathe through the mouth of a disease ending or coughing.

How To Cure Itchy Throat And Dry Cough

It is possible to develop an infection in your throat. It usually occurs in the tonsils and causes them to become irritated. Throat infections can be treated with antibiotics or antiseptics. Small-throat infections can occur when you are mouthwashing saltwater. If you are constantly scratching your throat, you will also get mouth hygiene by gargling regularly with salt water. Because salt destroys bacteria and bacteria.To avoid infection, do not brush your teeth and use dental floss and remember to cook your meals neatly.

Allergic reactions can cause itching of the throat. This may be spring allergy, or something you eat. If you are constantly getting throat itch, keep a notebook in which you write down how you feel when you eat. This can help you find situations that cause throat pruritus.

Psychological Causes
Throat clearing and coughing that accompany the throat pruritus can be a frustrating habit. Sometimes throat pruritus can be psychosomatic, so there are no external factors that cause it. Such a disorder usually occurs after a real ache which causes throat irritation. A feeling of tickling in the throat may be a reaction to nervousness in an uncomfortable social situation. If this is the problem you can try meditation and other relaxing methods. You may want it when you beat the habit. If the situation is serious, you can see a psychologist.

Throat Itch Treatment
Throat pruritus has many treatments, but before you go to treatment, decide if the problem is serious. If you are suffering from redness and shortness of breath in addition to itching, seek immediate medical attention. Because this can be a symptom of anaphylaxis and life can be threatening.

Treatments that are good for throat pruritus are:

Throat Drips and Sprays
Pheromones are an effective way to treat throat pruritus. By producing saliva, it moistens the throat and relieves pruritus. You can use throat drips to prevent throat irritation, especially due to illness and allergies. You can also squeeze the spray directly. Pregnant women and those who suffer from shortness of breath should stay away from the throat spray.

How To Cure Itchy Throat And Dry Cough

Salty Water Garbage
There are garages sold as medicines, but salty water garbage is enough to get rid of the throat irritation problem. Mix half a teaspoon salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle your mouth for 10 seconds with some water. Do this twice more after spitting water. Do this when you feel the itch again during the day. Never swallow salt water.

Air humidifier
A cause of throat and itching is dry air. Use an air humidifier to humidify the air, especially in dry weather. This machine can be used throughout the day, but people often find it useful to use it at night.

Ginger and Honey
You can get rid of a throat prick by mixing a glass of sweet ginger honey and a glass of ginger tea. You can drink slowly during the day.

Turmeric and Milk
Boil a glass of milk and mix with a tea spoon turmeric. Waiting for a little cooling down, then for lying down. You can repeat this for several days until the problem is over. For better results, you can also add ginger.

Papatya Creek
One of the easiest ways to get rid of the throat prick is the chamomile tea. Add boiled water a little dry daisy, wait for and brew. The chamomile tea also has a general relaxation feature.

Hibiscus Root and Slippery
Karaage You can find it in the form of slippery elm tree lozenge. You can also use the hibiscus roots to make tea. Use these two methods in sequence throughout the day.

Remember, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use any herbal tea without consulting your doctor.


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