How to Change a Kitchen Faucet like a Professional Even for The First time

If you are reading this article it means that you are either finding a better way to replace your kitchen’s faucet or opened this link by mistake. I mean, who would just read a how-to article about some plumber’s job which requires not only hard work but also tools that only available at hardware depot.

For all those people who are really into reading about touchless kitchen faucet reviews as well as gaining some repairing skills, I’m here to provide you with simple steps to change the faucet like a professional in no time. So let’s go ahead with no time to waste.

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A Trip to The Hardware Store

Before anything else, you must get a paper and a pencil to write up what you need to buy from the hardware store. If you are thinking that by saying kitchen faucet to the store guy will fix your problems of purchasing, you are at the fault. Actually, there are three steps for understanding who faucet works below the sink so get ready to crouch for a moment and start imagining yourself of becoming a plumber’s Apprentice.

#1 Shutoff Valves
Faucet supply is being provided with hot and cold mixture located under the sink. Usually, it comes with shut-off valves to stop the inflow in case you want to change your faucet. You can go and skip ahead if shutoff valves are already there, and if not, then you have to buy a new one. Usually 1/2 in. supply pipes are used for this purpose, so make sure you write it on your list.

#2 Supply Tubes
The tubes that take the water toward the faucet will also be changed along the faucet. If you already have a basin wrench with you, you can just take the supply tubes out and bring with you to the store, you at the time of buying the faucet, ask the hardware guy to add tubes with it.

#3 Basin Wrench
Let’s not forget hard tools at the depot if we don’t already own one. There is a universal basin wrench with an adjustable handle used open nuts of any size, so make sure you possess on for our next steps to work.

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#4 Kitchen Faucet
We really want to best faucet for our readers to have, which not only runs for longer but have all the great features that will save you a lot of trouble. Make sure to buy a Touchless kitchen faucet that comes with amazing features like battery powered motion sensors to help you with a smooth on/off transition, as it should be in the  21st century.

Removing Old Faucet

After your trip to the store, its time to remove your old faucet which is the most difficult part of the entire process. Firstly, Lie down and try to get into a more comfortable position to work. The trick for this entire removing and installing is not to be afraid. Handling the tools will make you stressful, but that apart for this entire exercise, to become self-sufficient.

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Once you are at the crouched position, your initial observation should indicate two things which need to be removed from the inside, Pipes which are connecting to your faucet and P-traps for the sink drain. If you have a garbage disposal attached, you need to first turn off your circuit breaker and cut off the wires before removing it down. Use a pair of screwdrivers for this job with the adequate screw head.

Disconnect the water supply by either removing the nuts and taking out the supply pipes away from valves, or by turning off the main supply line, and cutting off the pipes using a hacksaw or tube cutter, either way, supply has to be disconnected.

Use our wrench for removing the old faucet which wouldn’t cause you much trouble. If you are experiencing trouble to move it even with force, it due to the all rust that have gathered near pipe section, so trip for that is to apply oil for over the threads and try again.

Installing New faucet

A manufacturer manual should help you greatly how to change kitchen faucet easily. The primary step is to place the faucet flange into the opening and make sure it doesn’t come out the other way. Then quickly tight the flange with a mounting nut from the bottom area of the using your sink wrench. After the flange is tightly situated, its time to reconnect the water supply with faucet supply pipes. While keeping the valves in the closed direction. When everything is right into place, just connect the faucet’s supply tube with the main supply lines. For that, you may need to cut the pipes to keep it into uniform length. Use a hacksaw for that purpose.

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I hope you guys have learned from this article as much I enjoyed writing it. The main reason for providing you with tips on how to change your kitchen faucet is because of 2 reason, one is to make you self sufficient, and other to help you better understand the steps during the entire process before you hire a plumber to do it, so that he doesn’t confuse and take advantage of it.

Let me know below about your comments and what other ways you have tried on your own to replace the kitchen’s faucet.

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