How to buy a car

How to Buy a Car ?: Tips and Requirements

Knowing how to buy a car, be it out of necessity, comfort or just pleasure, is in the minds of many. And that purchase intention is consistent with the increase in car sales throughout 2018 , as indicated by the Chilean National Automotive Association ( ANAC ), 417 thousand units were sold . It is also part of the official statistics that speak of a growing automotive fleet, which already exceeded 5 million motor vehicles circulating in the country for last year.

Therefore, in the face of a growing market and new opportunities to buy a new or used car, at Compare we have prepared a guide that will allow you to make informed decisions when facing how to buy a car  visit

Steps on how to buy a used or new car
Whether you are new to the experience of buying a car or already a veteran of the tracks, there are some points that you should consider when considering this task.

Define the goal of car use: why do you want to buy a vehicle? Are you going to visit Chile from the sea to the mountains, or mainly to go to your workplace in the same city? Is it just a personal wish or is it a family need? Are you in a position to maintain it, considering all the costs involved? As well as those questions, you can generate a short questionnaire that allows you to define the objectives of the purchase , and that will be a first filter when guiding the search.

How to buy a car
Quote, quote, quote: today there are several ways to search for the car you have in mind. You can opt or complement with the use of multiple search engines on the Internet to find where to buy used cars for example; going through the ads in the local newspapers, and going out to the field to visit private sellers, dealers and agencies that offer cars. It is a matter of exploring options, prices, models, and finding something that suits you and that has better purchase options.

Evaluate budget: Although that is an idea that is present from the beginning, there are times when you can play with the financial item. What if you hold on a little longer to give yourself a better footing? What if you pay cash? What if you save more money to buy that outfit that took your sleep away? The budget may vary according to the urgency you have and the ability to save . It is recommended to be flexible in the times, not to get carried away by anxiety and to choose well the place where to buy new or used cars. But beware: not only must you be realistic with the purchase price, but also with all the associated expenses involved in maintaining it : payment of patents, circulation permits, access to spare parts, among other aspects.

Credit options: it is also part of the alternatives that we have when thinking about how to buy a car that, if we do not have enough with what we have saved, we can request extra help . In Compare we offer various options to access an auto loan , there are always alternatives that suit what you are looking for! But before you know what are the requirements to buy a car in this way.
Check before buying: if there is something that is of interest to you and you can afford it economically, you should do a test drive to see if it convinces you, you feel comfortable and you do not notice problems when walking. That test mechanical and comfort on the ground should also be done by way of a physical review of the vehicle (aesthetics, status of parts and proportions), as well as legal, which we explain below. Keep in mind that if you choose a second hand it is important that the place you choose where to buy used cars is recognized so that they allow you to do so.

Requirements to buy a car

To know how to buy a car, you have to look at certain legal considerations during the vehicle sales process, which are very rarely part of our checklist . Here are some tips :

The transaction must always be in writing: if the car is new, it must be accredited through an invoice; if used, by means of a sale contract. The latter is with a public deed, private contract before a notary, or a consensual statement only if the car is purchased from a private individual.

Request the Certificate of Registration and Valid Annotations: it is done in the case of wanting to buy a used car. It is checked if there are legal problems or prohibitions to transfer the property (if it can or cannot be sold); and the name of the owner of the vehicle also appears, for which it proves the domain.
Request to the seller the Registry of Unpaid Traffic Fines: it is done when the sale is in front of a notary or minister of faith. Apart from being a legal mandate for the seller, it allows to see if there are debts or not, and above all, the amounts. Find out in this post how to know if there are unpaid fines.

Request the Registration of Motor Vehicles: it allows to know in what legal situation each vehicle is with respect to the owner: characteristics, patent number, among other details that characterize the car. Get it out here .
Carry out a “vehicle ownership transfer” : the full names and RUT of the seller or previous owner and those of the buyer are credited; the vehicle patent, and the characterization data, such as the type of vehicle, make, year of manufacture, color, among other aspects. Also get it at the Civil Registry .
With the tips and requirements for how to buy a car in general terms, we can now begin to think about other key aspects to consider and evaluate : buying a new or used car?

Buy new car
The 0 km or new car is always an economically higher option than buying a used car. However, it has very positive aspects, such as guarantees .

One of them is the legal guarantee, protected by the Consumer Law , also known as the 3 × 3 Law. This establishes that during the first three months after purchase you can choose to return the money, repair or change the product , as long as it has been defective, parts are missing or it is not suitable for normal use. The change of post-sale opinion or problems related to a matter other than factory failure is excluded from this guarantee.

If your option is to buy a new car, keep these points in mind:

See if there’s a manufacturer warranty , which sometimes spans a year or more, as well as free maintenance options.
Make sure that those who sell offer the greatest amount of information, especially that related to the efficiency of the car (for example, number of kilometres per liter of fuel) and other aspects to consider for its maintenance and care. It is information that you can always find on the pages of car brands .
Find out about the technology that is available. There are breakthroughs in the automotive market that generate another level of driving experience!

How to buy an used car

A used car is always a good alternative: you can find real jewelry at very convenient prices . But there are cases that can be the opposite, generating too many headaches. If you wonder how to buy a used car, Educacionvial mentions that four elements must be taken into account:

Prefer low mileage cars.

Hopefully with their maintenance up to date .
That it has not suffered shocks .
That it does not have fines or judicial problems.

The Consumer Law, meanwhile, does not provide a legal guarantee in these cases. What it does regulate is that the places where to buy used cars that offer vehicles of these characteristics provide truthful and timely information about their products , and that the good offered is of quality.

As for mileage, Copec estimates that a normal car should be between 12,000 and 20,000 kilometers per year . If it escapes that range, it is necessary to see if the consulted car was not used for other purposes, such as passenger transport. And if so, for security you have to assume certain expenses for adjustments and maintenance.

Finally, to answer where to buy used cars , it should be noted that you can do it through a dealership or a private person. We recommend that you consider the following:

Get advice from a mechanic.
Check for corrosion or worn elements inside the hood .
Look at body details , which is not out of square.
Analyze the entire lighting system, the steering (in neutral), the gearbox, the door and window locking system, the mirrors, the tires and the brakes (in intervals and dry), here we explain a little more on this topic .
So if you want to buy a new or used car you can use a loan. Simulate your automotive credit in Compare. Make a smart purchase and finance your new vehicle without paying more. And do not forget that once you have it, whether it is new or used, it is important to have auto insurance that covers you against possible accidents.

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