Homemade chicken Broth Soup

Homemade chicken Broth Soup

Homemade chicken Broth Soup , is one of the most basic and easiest recipe that every cook should know how to make. It serves to make with it rice, soups, stews, some sauces, creams, to flavor some dishes, to take it as is, very warm on winter nights …. The possibilities are endless. It has the advantage that allows us to take advantage of the wastes of the chicken, and those bones that we are not going to use.Vegetable soup recipes are very easy and cheap recipes. Thus we take literally all the parts of a chicken that we have bought in the market.Everything is taken advantage of in the kitchen!

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Homemade chicken Broth Soup :-

The casing of a chicken
1 onion
1 green and / or red pepper
1 leek
1 or 2 carrots
Spices to taste (for me, pepper in grain, it is obligatory)


Homemade chicken Broth Soup Recipe:-

1.- We pour all the ingredients in a pot or another large container and fill with water, until it covers two or three fingers above.

2.- With the ingredients already inside and covered with water, we put everything to heat. It is important to start with cold water (room temperature) as this will allow our ingredients to release more juice than if we put them in boiling water. The technical reason for this is that, if we put the bones in boiling water, the proteins in the bones of the chicken disolve and prevent them from releasing all their juice.
3.- When the water begins to boil, lower the fire and with a spoon , we are eliminating the foam that is coming out of the surface. At first, when the water gets hot, it will come out a lot. This is the impurities.
4.- When no more foam comes out, cover it and let it boil over a low heat for an hour and a half to three hours, depending on how concentrated we want the soup. If we do it in an express pot, which I do not recommend if you are a beginner, having it from one half to one hour on gentle fire will suffice.
5.- We paste the soup and reserve it without solid ingredients. We put it in the fridge for a whole night. The next day, some kind of gelatine will have come out on the surface. This is fat. I recommend removing it with a spoon.

Making a chicken Broth Soup is as simple as this. It does not require too much effort since, although it can be an hour or more to the fire, we do not have to be constantly watching while it is cooked. As you will have noticed, we have not put salt. This is because in the future we could use the broth to reduce it in a sauce with which, we would be too salty. You can pour salt but, with care.The remains of chicken and vegetables that are left over, will be completely overcooked and without much substance. If you do not want to throw them, you can make a soup with the broth you have made.


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