Hiring SharePoint Developers

Hiring SharePoint Developers

SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft and many companies see the need to hire SharePoint developers. The program offers a simplified user experience with many additional options, but for many companies do not use the program to its full capacity simply because they are not familiar with how to do it. A SharePoint developer can help your business access all the benefits of SharePoint, give you a better return on investment, and help your employees work smarter than harder.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office and is sold as a document management and storage system. However, because the program is configurable, many companies find that a developer can help them take advantage of even more ways to collaborate and approve documents. The program is often included in Microsoft 365 subscriptions, although it can be purchased separately.

Enterprise content and document management

One of the best features of SharePoint is the ability to save, retrieve and search electronic documents. The program is particularly beneficial to the legal industry and information management industry, but can be applied to almost any business through the use of a SharePoint Developers Toronto. The fact that the program can be integrated with Microsoft Windows and Office, makes it versatile for almost any use. In some cases, the program can be used to replace an existing enterprise file server and can be combined with enterprise content management.

Social media and websites

A SharePoint developer can create an intranet portal that can improve employee engagement, centralize processes, and reduce the need for training time for new staff. By creating web pages and adding a link to social media, companies can see corporate morale improve and promote social engagement much more easily than with other methods.

Hiring SharePoint Developers

Software collaboration

SharePoint allows your company to integrate Outlook and Project, provides the ability for shared mailboxes as well as many other options that help your employees work smarter and not harder. One of the most popular features is the document storage and collaboration feature, which allows you to configure reviews and approvals using your company’s command chain. The document storage and collaboration feature is secure, so you can better protect your organization’s confidential documents.

Cloud storage

Because SharePoint hosts OneDrive, it’s much easier for your employees to store documents in the cloud. This allows multiple employees to access, review, and edit documents without the need for email attachments, shared USB drives, or other less secure ways to share documents. OneDrive is very similar to cloud storage like Dropbox. However, if your company uses Microsoft Office, OneDrive can be accessed just like any other drive, unlike Dropbox or other online storage methods.

Customize web applications

SharePoint developers can create custom web applications for their business by integrating with business directories and data sources. The program also includes an “application store” with various external applications that can be used as part of the design for your site.

SharePoint offers companies many opportunities that can improve productivity, create a more cohesive workforce, and increase bottom-line results. Before you start using SharePoint, however, it is best to hire a SharePoint developer who can give you the most that the program has to offer.

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