Hepatomegaly ( Liver Growth ) Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Our today topic is hepatomegaly causes symptoms and treatments.We will discuss all important symptoms of hepatomegaly.

What is Liver Growth (Hepatomegaly)?

The liver is one of the largest organs of the body and is the body that undertakes the most important and critical tasks of the body. Liver growth, also known as hepatomegaly, occurs as a result of a number of health problems.

The normal size of the liver depends on various parameters such as age and sex. The liver reaches about 15 years of age in full size. Men usually have bigger liver than women. The liver undertakes crucial tasks such as the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty compounds for the body and the metabolism of carbohydrates. It releases secretions of the digestive tract in the intestines and the salivary gland that helps break down fat. In addition, drug and alcohol consumed toxic substances that enter the body helps to remove the body.

Hepatomegaly  Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Liver growth is not a disease by itself, but it is a symptom of many diseases that cause growth. Most people go on living without being aware of liver growth.

Signs of Liver Growth
When there is little growth in the liver, usually no symptoms occur.

Feeling bloated
But if the liver grows too big:

– A feeling of a swollen
heart – Discomfort in the black zone


In addition, jaundice, chronic fatigue, weakness, nausea and weight loss can also be seen.

Causes of Liver Growth
There are many reasons why liver growth is not directly related to liver. These can be due to heart, immune system, cancer, use of different herbal medicines and diseases caused by the liver.

1. Liver Causes
Cirrhosis: A chronic disease that prevents the liver from working as it causes injury.

Hepatitis: Hepatitis A, B, C infections caused by the virus. In addition, alcoholism, overuse of certain drugs, bacterial infections and autoimmune disorders can also result.

Alcoholic Liver Lubrication : Excessive amounts of alcohol use result in accumulation of fatty substances in the liver. In the advanced stages, it takes the name of alcoholic hepatitis.

Alcohol-Free Liver Lubrication: Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol end result.

Blockage of the liver : Liver secretes fluid in the liver during the digestive phase. A disorder in this mechanism leads to liver damage.

Hepatomegaly Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Tumors and Cysts: Liver cysts are fluid filled vesicles. Abnormal growth of tumors in the liver can lead to liver damage.

Diseases: There are many diseases in the liver that cause the accumulation of fat, protein, copper and iron. Amyloidosis is a condition that causes abnormal protein accumulation in the liver. Copper accumulation in the liver is called Wilson’s disease, fatty deposits accumulate in Gaucher’s disease, and excess iron accumulation is called hemochromatosis.

2. Causes of Blood Reaction
Heart Failure: Heart failure can not pump enough blood to the body. Heart failure due to fat accumulation results in constriction of arteries, hypertension, heart failure disorders.

Budd-Chiari Syndrome: This affects liver veins. These veins are responsible for the blood from the liver. A blockage in these veins leads to liver enlargement.

3. Cancers
Liver Cancer: Liver cancer results in overgrowth of liver cells.

Leukemia: The outcome of the disorder in the tissues of the blood arises. In leukemia, white blood cells in the bone marrow show abnormal growth. The result is weakness in the immune system.

Carcinoma: The damage results from the cells in the membranous organs of the internal organs.

Lymphoma: A type of cancer that affects lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are white blood cells that form an important part of the immune system.

Other Cancer Types: The most common site of metastatic cancer is the liver. These cancers start in an organ of the body and eventually spread to other organs. For example; breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer may spread to the liver.

4. Other Causes
Malaria: The consequence of a kind of mosquito bite is that the malaria parasite is moved to the human body. Rarely, malaria leads to liver growth.

Reye’s Syndrome: Liver and brain are a disease seen in children who have inflammation. Generally, excess consumption of aspirin occurs.

Hepatomegaly Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Some medicines and herbal supplements: Consumption of these medicines can affect liver health. For example; acetaminophen, retinol, and the like. Excessive consumption of such medications can lead to hepatomegaly. It can also be harmful to mistletoe, black mulberry, kava and valerian liver. When using such medicines and herbal supplements, the doctor should be consulted.

Autoimmune Diseases: Diseases that result from attacking the body’s own healthy cells. Autoimmune hepatitis and autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome lead to liver growth.

Other causes: Q fever, glycogen storage diseases, tuberculosis, toxins and jaundice can also cause hepatomegaly.

Treatment of Liver Growth
Treatment can only begin with a definitive diagnosis.

– Those who have liver growth after alcohol dependence should drop alcohol immediately, otherwise it can be fatal.

– In hepatitis, drug treatment is applied to stop the inflammation in the liver.

– In obesity without alcohol, patients are taken to a regular weight loss program along with regular exercise.

– Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are constantly controlled in diabetic patients.

– Liver cancer and leukemia are treated with chemotherapy.

– Some medicinal and herbal medicines are used, you need to be aware about their risks. Smoking should be avoided as most of the diseases listed above have a triggering effect.

– Chemistry should be kept away from contact. Aerosol decanters should be used. Insecticides and other toxic chemicals should only be used in well-ventilated environments. Gloves and masks should be used when using such medicines.

Early diagnosis provides the chance of early treatment of the disease growing up. However, diagnosis and treatment can be fatal if delayed. The reasons mentioned above are very serious, so it is very important to be under the supervision of specialist doctors and to maintain the treatment as quickly as possible.


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