Heart Disease Symptoms

Heart Growth Indications And Treatment

Our today topic is heart disease symptoms.We will discuss about heart disease symptoms.We will share the main symptoms of heart disease ( Heart Growth).Heart growth (cardiomegaly) is the name given to the thickening of the heart wall or the expansion of the heart chambers.Heart Disease SymptomsThere are so many heart diseases but our today topic is on heart growth.Heart growth is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of other underlying diseases. Diseases such as heart disease, viral infections, inflammation, hypertension can cause heart failure.

Heart Disease Symptoms Heart Growth

Heart Growth Indicators
Heart growth may be due to pathological or physiological reasons. The physiological condition is the heart growth experienced when an athlete or pregnant woman has no heart disease. The pathological condition is that the growing heart can not pump oxygen rich blood.Heart growth affects ventricles and sub chambers. However, if left untreated, enlargement will also occur in the upper chambers. Heart growth is indicated by the inability of the heart to pump enough blood into the body.

Below are some of the signs and symptoms of heart growth:

.Swelling in the legs
.Thyroid problems
.Weight gain
.Shortness of breath
.Abnormal heart rhythm
.Chest pain

Risk Factors of Heart Growth
There are many factors that can cause people to experience heart growth. Heart Disease SymptomsSome of these are:

.The appearance of cardiomyopathy in family
.Heart valve disease
.Coronary artery disease
.Congenital heart disease
.Having a heart attack
.Cardiac ischemia

Causes of Heart Growth
There are many different causes of heart growth. High blood pressure and coronary artery disease are the most common causes of heart failure. Long-term high blood pressure, excessive work to pump oxygenated blood in the body of the heart, results in thickening of the heart muscles. Coronary artery disease causes the heart to stop and reduce blood from the heart, causing blockage of the heart’s blood vessels. The heart has to work harder to pump blood from these clogged vessels, which causes the heart muscles to stretch too much.

Heart Disease Symptoms Heart Growth

In addition to these, other conditions can lead to heart growth. Some of these are:

.Genetic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
.Virus infection in the heart
.Heart valve disease
.AIDS infection
.Cocaine or alcohol use
.Renal insufficiency controlled by dialysis
.Various genetic diseases

Heart Growth Tests and Diagnosis
Diagnosis of heart growth is made with some tests such as the patient’s health history and heart uterus. The health history of the patient is usually the first clue in determining the underlying cause underlying heart growth. Heart Disease SymptomsOnce the patient has started showing the heart growth indicator, some tests may be required to determine the heart growth level.An echocardiogram is performed to determine the level of heart growth. Because this test shows the exact size of the heart and the ability to pump blood.Other tests that help the physician understand the level of heart growth are chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, stress test, blood tests, heart tomography, MR and cardiac catheterization.

Heart Growth Treatment
The treatment of heart growth depends on the underlying cause of the disease. Two-pronged approach, medical treatment and home support are the most effective solutions to heart growth therapy.

1) Medical Treatment Methods of Heart Growth

Drugs Medications
used for heart growth therapy are:

.Drugs (diuretics) to reduce excess sodium and water around the heart
.Medications to lower blood pressure
.The drug (digoxin) that improves the ability to pump the heart
.Medicines to prevent the formation of blood clots. (Anticoagulants)
.Medical methods Medical procedures
that can be performed according to the severity of the condition are:

.Place the heart pili to regulate the contraction of right and left ventricles
.Operation to replace leaking or ineffective heart valve
.Coronary artery surgery to remove diseased veins
.All other options are heart transplantation when insufficient to control disease
2) What can be done at home

In addition to medication and medical treatment, the patient needs to take good care of himself and his heart. They can do this for you:Heart Disease Symptoms

.Being overweight or compensating for conditions that will cause heart growth like obesity
.Daily exercise to get rid of excess pounds and regulate the pumping action of the heart
.A diet with low saturated fat
.Regular doctor visits to make sure the treatment goes right

When to consult a doctor?
If you show any of the above complaints and you have a family member with heart disease, you should consult a doctor. Early diagnosis of the disease plays a major role in the success of the treatment.


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