Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes For Breakfast

Today we are going to share egg recipes for breakfast.Egg is a health food.There are so many egg recipes for breakfast.An egg contain 6 g of protein and it also contain fats in its yolk.We can easily find egg recipes for breakfast in internet. Mashed potatoes and eggs recipe is very easy egg recipe.

Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes For Breakfast Ingredients        

1 onion in pen

1/2 red pepper

1 green onion or garlic

1 cup fried or crushed tomato

3 eggs

50 gr strips of fried corn


Salt and pepper

Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes For Breakfast

First cut a small onion into a feather, and then cut the red pepper into a thin julienne. We also cut the sliced ​​chives

In a frying pan on medium heat, we begin to poach the onion next to the pepper, wait 5 minutes and add the strips of corn crushed.

We waited 2-3 minutes so we added the fried tomato paste.

Knead the eggs very carefully and add them in the pan over the tomato. Cover to help the heat cook eggs, NEVER remove

We serve the slices of bread already toasted on a white plate, and with the help of a spatula we place one of the eggs with tomato on the bread.

Decorate with the chives on top and add salt and pepper over the egg yolk.It is one of the  Simple Egg Recipes.


Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes Egg Recipes For Breakfast Healthy Egg Recipes For Breakfast Scrambled Egg Recipes For Breakfast

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