Healthy Foods Benefits

3 Foods with Secret Powers

Our today topic is healthy foods benefits.We all know that the dairy products are full of calcium and the tomato is good for the heart. But did you also know that these foods also have the ability to fight cancers at the same time?

Here are the secret benefits of 3 secrets that you have already eaten.

Healthy Foods Benefits

1. Cheese
Which feature is known? Contains calcium that strengthens the bones.
Bonus Benefit: Cheese is also filled with menacinone, a kind of K vitamins. In a study conducted with 24,000 people aged 35-64 in Europe, it was found that eating plenty of menacinone could reduce the risk of cancer. Presumably, menacinone activates genes that kill cancer cells. Other sources of menacinon: egg yolk, chicken and leafy vegetables.

Healthy Foods Benefits

2. Tomato Sauce
Tomato sauce which feature is known? It contains lycopene, which protects the heart.
Bonus Benefit: Tomato sauce also contains apigenin, a powerful antioxidant. According to an experiment conducted by the Harvard Medical School, abundant amounts of apigenin reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Other sources of apigenin: celery, parsley and other plant foods.

Healthy Foods Benefits

3. Salmon Fish

Which feature is known? It contains Omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the triglyceride ratio and prevent vascular occlusion.
Bonus Benefit: A study by Harvad University found that those who consume abundant amounts of omega-3 fish in abundance were less likely to have gum disease.


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