Health Benefits Of Spices And Herbs

4 Spices For Your Brain

Our today topic is health benefits of spices and herbs.We will talk about health benefits of spices and herbs.In this article we will share the benefits of spices only.There are so many health benefits of spices and herbs.Health Benefits Of Spices And HerbsScientists thought that the brain could not produce new nerve cells. If you have killed your resultant neurons, such as alcohol use and extreme stress, excuse me. This perception, of course, changed in 1998. Researchers are discovering that there are new nerve cells in people who are about to die. It appears that your brain (young or not) is capable of producing new nerve cells.
One of the most important elements in mind development is how you feed. What you eat usually helps to produce healthy neurons. It also keeps neuron tips alive, allowing you to maintain brain flexibility. If you think your memory is bad, the right foods can support you in this regard.

Health Benefits Of Spices And Herbs

Since scientists have discovered that what you eat has a big impact on you, we get information about all kinds of food. There are conflicting analyzes of all kinds of foods, vitamins, minerals, plants and their combinations. Despite this, research reveals the wisdom of the old times: “What you are swallowing makes you smarter and happier (or more stupid and sad)”

Well, will this help you with your Indian spice brain? Health Benefits Of Spices And HerbsThe substance called Curcumin , which gives turmeric yellow color, activates an enzyme that shows an antioxidant property. This enzyme also prevents plaque formation. Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory and is also fighting cancer and tissue hardening.

2. Saffron
Saffron is fighting depression and at the same time improving learning and memory skills. Health Benefits Of Spices And HerbsAccording to a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, saffron is as successful as Prozac without treating small and moderate depression.

3. Sage
Sage, considered as a medicinal herb in Turkey, is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Health Benefits Of Spices And HerbsThe substances in Sage are very similar to the contents of drugs used in Alzheimer’s treatment. According to a paper published in the journal “Pharmacological Biochemical Behavior”, only 50 micro liters (ie 1 in 20000 in 1 liter) of sage oil significantly improve memory.

4. Cinnamon

Even the cinnamon smell opens the mind. Even cinnamon-containing gums improve memory, attention and focus. Health Benefits Of Spices And HerbsCinnamon is a wonderful spice. It regulates the level of sugar, prevents the proliferation of blood and lymph cancer cells, prevents clotting of platelets, prevents infections by showing antimicrobial properties.


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