Happy Birthday Sms

Happy Birthday Sms

Our today topic is happy birthday sms.We will share the best sms of happy birthday.You can download happy birthday images and send it to your love ones you can also get happy birthday sms and happy birthday gifs from this blog.

Happy Birthday Sms

SMS Happy birthday

If one of your loved ones will soon be celebrating his birthday, and you want to send him a “Happy Birthday” SMS, then here are some good birthday texts to help you

Want to send an SMS for the birthday of a friend, a member of your family, a loved one or your love? We offer more original SMS ideas than a simple “Happy Birthday”. And yes today we send more Happy Birthday but HB, so simplify your task ..

Happiness and health, calm and peace, success and success, these are my best wishes for this SMS of happy birthday.

As I want to be the first to wish you, I send you this text at midnight story not to wake you! Happy Birthday my friend.

Late for this year, but in advance for next year, sorry for this SMS a little late, happy birthday.
Attention, this is an SMS that chooses the most beautiful and kind person in my repertoire and it is you he chose to wish you a happy birthday. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Happy birthday buddy, I send you an SMS while waiting to celebrate this weekend around a good bottle.

I assure you, no one is young after 40 years but can be irresistible at any age, read this message on this smartphone will be no exception … Happy birthday

For your birthday, my bank of hearts will pay into your life account a check for 365 days of happiness, health and prosperity … If you do not answer this Happy birthday messages SMS your phone will explode.

1- We wish you very simply but most sincerely a “happy birthday”. May this year again fill you with happiness and joy in all areas.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

2- Big kisses May joy and happiness be with you on this birthday and the days to come. Our best wishes on this extraordinary day.

3- Health, Joy and love! Time passing has not left an imprint on you. You always look so young, you’ll have to give me the recipe! I wish you a very sparkling birthday,

4- I embrace you, Wishing you all the happiness of the world we embrace you with all our affection. Despite our absence to blow with you your candles, we could not forget the day of your birthday.

5- Everyone wishes you a very happy birthday through this SMS! One more year is a step towards serenity towards perfection somehow … but do not change … you’re already perfect!

6- Happy birthday! As the Chinese proverb says, we must add life to years and not years to life.

7- Happy Birthday May this day blossom and bring joy and happy events.

8- Happy birthday, my daughter! Time passes and we will never say enough, we do not know how to catch up, so enjoy! May the sun shine on your life, all this year, even on rainy days.

Sms to wish happy birthday 1:
If you live 100 years, I want to live 100 years-1 not to live without you

Sms to wish happy birthday 2:
I wish you 12 Months of joy 52 Weeks of pleasures 365 Days of success 8760 hours Health and 525600 Minutes of luck 31536000 Seconds of happiness, Finally happy birthday my love

Sms to wish happy birthday 3:
It was surely rainy the day of your birth but it was not rain because the sky cried to have lost his most beautiful angel …

Sms to wish happy birthday 4:
For your birthday, My most sincere wishes, From the bottom of my heart, I wish you only happiness

Sms to wish happy birthday 5:
I often miss words to express all the love I feel when I should. Yes, I miss these sweet words with greetings to tell you how much I appreciate you a little more each day as a woman and as a friend. Happy Birthday!

Sms to wish happy birthday 6:
On this special day, we join together to wish you the most wonderful birthday. A very special thought for the birthday of an exceptional person who is celebrating his birthday. Happy Birthday.

Sms to wish happy birthday 7:
May this new beginning to new horizons be crown, price, perfect health, longevity of success, sweetness and tranquility in the mind and prosper your activities. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Sms to wish happy birthday 8:
day after day the year life turns
here is the return of the best day,
my turn I tell you
happy birthday ya my love

Sms to wish happy birthday 9:
The years pass on our lives
The years pass on our desires
But love remain ubiquitous
And the friendship every day haunts us. I wish you a happy and happy birthday

Sms to wish happy birthday 10:
“” May this new birthday bring happiness, health and joy in quantity! May life be sweet to you and fill your heart with everything you want Not only today but every day of the year. Happy Birthday “”


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