Hand Pain Causes

Causes and Treatment of Hand Pain

Our today topic is hand pain causes and treatments. This pain usually occurs after nerve compression. One of the most common causes is carpal tunnel syndrome. In the hands, numbness can also be caused by transient problems such as circulation problems or exposure to cold.

Why Does the Hand Held?
1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the most common causes of hand numbness is carpal tunnel syndrome. This disease is caused by the pressure of one of the nerves in the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome may be linked to many factors that will be transmitted throughout this article. However, some common causes are:

Excessive use of hand, wrist or arms (for example, knitting, using a computer keyboard, etc.)
Fracture or severe damage to the bones in the wrist
Rheumatoid arthritis and so on. arthritis
Carpal tunnel syndrome may have other symptoms, such as tingling, pain, other than hand involvement. Symptoms often begin as numbness on the fingers, progress gradually, feel more intense in the early hours of the morning and before going to bed at night.

Hand Pain Causes And Treatments

2. Nerve Problems

If the hand-in-hand is not explained by everyday factors, repeats frequently or takes a long time; it is more likely that there is a problem with the nerves. It can arise from nerves in the hand, wrist or the cord, as well as from the neck nerves or spinal cord.

The following factors may be responsible for harm in the hands:

Nervous withdrawal: If there are stress, impression or dysfunction in the nerves around the hand with the following factors:

The hand is always in a difficult position; exposure to printing
Wrist joint inflammation
Repetitive movements
Be overweight
Body water accumulation and weight gain and pregnancy
Diabetes: Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus causes damage to all nerves. The indications first manifest themselves in the extremities of the body, such as hands and feet.

Hand Nerve Jamming: Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur similar to emerging. The nerve impasse we give some examples below may lead to hand numbness:

Ulnar nerve compression (compression)
Radial nerve compression
Median nerve compression
Cramping in the neck nerves
Other Nerve Problems: The following factors can also lead to hand numbing by causing the nervous function to weaken:

Excessive alcohol consumption
Age progression
Some vitamins and food deficiencies, primarily B12
Kanda electrolyte imbalance
Heavy metal poisoning
Industrial waste poisoning

3. Circulatory Problems I

Our veins feed our nerves as well as our whole body. Therefore, circulatory problems affecting the blood vessels, such as the following, can lead to wear and tear of the nerves:

Vasculitis (vasculitis)
Raynaud’s disease
Peripheral artery disease
Pernicious anemia

Hand Pain Causes And Treatments

4. Other Causes

Some illnesses and other factors that we list below can increase the risk of harmony:

Bone fractures
Very narrowly prepared plums
Myofascial pain syndrome
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Multiple sclerosis
Spinal cord injury or tumor
Transverse myelitis (a disease that causes spinal cord inflammation)
Cervical spondylosis
Brain and spinal problems
Why does left handedness occur?
If there is only left or right hand numbness, not both hands, it is likely that the cause is regional. For example, he or she may be doing a recurrent job. A left-handed author is more likely to experience only left-handedness. Or it could be a problem like hurting, breaking.

However, if there is numbness in both hands, diseases that affect the entire body, such as diabetes or peripheral artery disease, are more likely to be the case.

How Does Hand-Held Pass?
1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Early treatment is very important in carpal tunnel syndrome. In this case, treatment is possible without surgical precautions. The person should first listen to the following suggestions and home treatments:

Recurring ankle movements should be interrupted. For example, if you do not knit for a while or even if you are in the profession, you should take frequent breaks in using the keyboard and mouse.
Massage can be done.
Finger stretching exercises will be helpful.
The hands should be kept in the natural, unprinted position as possible.
In the case of pain, hot application can be done.
An analgesic can be taken.
Cold application can alleviate the indication by reducing swelling.
Carrying bags and so on. there should be no movement for a long time.
You should try not to sleep on the hand.
It is possible to wear a corset in the form of a wristband by not using it continuously.
These suggestions are effective in carpal tunnel syndrome; nervous withdrawal, nerve compression, etc. it will also be good for other hand-to-mouth situations caused by nerve problems.

Steroid Syringes: Syringe sterile drugs can be used to quickly resolve hand-numbness symptoms as well as to resolve problems such as joint inflammation. But the effect is usually temporary.

Carpal Tunnel Relaxation Surgery: It can be recommended in cases where other treatments do not work. Carpal tunnel roof is cut during surgery to reduce pressure on the median nerve.

Regional anesthesia is done.
Open surgery or surgery with a small incision may be recommended.
It is advisable to keep the hand in the high position for 48 hours after the operation.

Hand Pain Causes And Treatments

2. Wrist Exercises

The following wrist and finger exercises may be good for nervous withdrawal or hand numbing due to nerve compression:

Lift your wrists upwards. Touch the tip of your right and left hand fingers together. When in this position, bring your hands closer so that your palms touch each other.
Shake your hands dry.
Extend your arm forward. Tilt your wrist down by supporting it with your other hand.

3. Nerve Treatments

As you can see, hand numbness can be caused by many different nerve problems. Each different nerve problem requires its own treatment. The first thing to do is to be examined by a neurologist and determine the underlying cause.

Your doctor may suggest the following treatments for different conditions:

The diabetic patient can inform you in detail by adjusting the dose of insulin and other drugs.
Vitamin B12 syringes can hit.
Cream containing creams may be recommended.
He can write some medications like gabapentin, venlafaxine, oxydocine to relieve nerve pain.
You can write anti-inflammatory pain relievers.
In the case of poisoning, it can help you stay away from it by detecting the poisoning agent.
If problems such as cysts and tumors are mentioned, surgical intervention may be recommended.
In the case of some other diseases, which are systemic (affecting the whole body), they can lead you to hospital units that can provide comprehensive treatment for the disease concerned.

4. Treatment of Circulatory Problems

If the numbness in the hands is due to circulatory problems, the necessary treatments for adequate blood supply to the nerves in the hand and arm region will be recommended. These treatments can be regional. However, if there is a problem in all veins in the body, the cause will be determined and general treatments will be presented.

Hand Pain Causes And Treatments

Depending on the cause of hand numbness, one or more of the following treatments may be recommended:

Regular exercise can increase blood supply.
Smoking is strictly forbidden.
Diet programs may be suggested to help reduce bad cholesterol.
Blood pressure medicines and statins to reduce bad cholesterol can be written.
Medicines can be written to prevent blood clotting in the vein.
Calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers, or vasodilators may be used to expand the vessels.
Botox syringes may be necessary.
It may be necessary to undergo vascular occlusion such as angioplasty or atrial bypass graft.


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