Hand And Foot Cold

Causes and Treatment of Hand and Foot Cold

Our today topic is hand and foot cold.We will talk about hand and foot cold.What are the causes of hand and foot cold?What are the main symptoms of hand and foot cold and what are the treatments of cold foot and hand?Hand And Foot ColdMany people complain of cold hands and feet, especially when the air starts to cool down. Because people are generally accustomed to living in warm climates. In cold climates, the body tries to stay warm and sometimes it slows down circulation in these places, in the ears, on the stools and in the feet.If the temperatures fall below the freezing temperature, it is likely that the body will freeze in places with little circulation.

Hand and Foot Chest Are they normal?
Hand and foot cold is a common phenomenon and in fact everybody lives it in a certain way. However, some people can see the effects of this disease more than others. If you are one of the people who are constantly cold, you might be wondering whether this is normal or a sign of a problem.

Most people with hand and foot coldness have to deal only with the temporary period in this situation. The heart pumps the whole body to keep the body warm, but the hands and feet are the farthest organs from the heart.Hand And Foot Cold Because they are far from the heart and other vital organs, the hands and feet are much easier to absorb than other organs. There is also less oil in the hands and feet, although other organs are protected with oil.

Normally, the coldness seen in hands and feet is not a worrying situation, but if you are constantly feeling chills, this can be a serious problem.

Hand And Foot Cold Causes And Treatments

Causes of Foot and Foot Cold
If you feel constantly cold in hands and feet, this is a sign of a situation. If there is pain besides the coldness in the hands and feet, then there is another disease underlying it. The most common reasons for this are:

Anemia (Anemia)
Women are more likely to have anemia. Thyroid hormone production may be affected if there is not enough iron in the body. The thyroid hormone also affects the body temperature felt because it controls metabolism.

Inadequate blood circulation
If the heart can not pump blood correctly in the body for any reason, this is noticed first hand and foot. Hand and foot cold blood circulation function is more common in the elderly as it slows down with age. Slowing blood circulation can also be caused by obesity. Because the body grows, the heart, especially the legs and feet, can work more to reach blood.

Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety and stress can even lead to coldness in hands and feet. Stress changes the breathing pattern, Hand And Foot Coldsuch as making long and deep breaths at abnormal levels. Long and deep breathing prevents the red blood cells from getting enough oxygen to travel around the body as needed. It also increases stress, heart rate, and thus adrenaline production, which affects blood flow.

Hand And Foot Cold Causes And Treatments

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
Diabetes and high blood pressure are linked to damage to blood vessels. These two diseases cause damage to the blood vessels, and as a result, these vessels can not carry as much blood to the hands and arms. This leads to coldness in the hands and feet, respectively, and changes the body temperature that is felt.

If you are a smoker and you feel constantly feeling hand and foot cold, smoking should be stopped as soon as possible. Smoking damages blood vessels and thus prevents blood flow. Cigarette addicts may experience extreme hand and foot coldness in the winter, blood circulation problems, or vessel hardening.

Raynaud’s Disease
This disease is not a very well-known disease, and although experts are not sure about the causes, women are more affected by this disease. Often the pain in the hands and feet is followed by pain and after that numbness and tingling are felt.Hand And Foot Cold The hands and feet appear to be tweaked after being exposed to the cold. Because the capillaries suddenly contract. Eventually the blood will return to the hands and feet, but at this time numbness and tingling can be painful.

Warning: If you think Raynaud’s disease is being treated, you should consult a doctor. Usually it is not serious and can be controlled, but sometimes it can be a more serious condition.

Hand And Foot Cold Causes And Treatments

Injuries Damage to nerves in some cases leads to tingling sensation, drowsiness or coldness in hands and feet. If the hand and foot are caused by nerves in the nerves, and the problem is not treated, it may eventually lead to a complete loss of sensation or a cut in the limbs. Although there are many reasons for nerve damage, the most common are diabetes and B12 excess or deficiency. In some cases, cold can also cause permanent nerve damage.

How do hands and feet warm?
If you feel hand and foot cold, you need to focus on this issue. If neglected, tissues and nerves can see damage from nutrient and oxygen deficiency. Hand And Foot ColdTo check for possible chronic conditions, high blood pressure and diabetes, it is helpful to have a simple check up. In addition, other preventive steps can be taken:

intake The most common cause of hand and foot coldness is unpleasant. It is therefore possible to get rid of this problem by feeding on a diet rich in iron minerals found in animal products.

Attention to Healthy Living
Alcohol and cafes that make cold hands and feet worse and cause narrowing of the veins should be avoided. It is necessary to increase mineral and vitamin consumption while avoiding cold food and objects. In the long term, exercises that are good for the heart and heart vessels should be increased. It is also necessary to pay attention to balanced nutrition.

Wearing Heaters and Gloves on the
Legs Leg warmers keep your feet warm as well as gloves covered with silk keep your fingers and hands warm.Hand And Foot ColdThese two isolate the skin and prevent tingling and pain.

Trying Herbs
Some people find plants useful. Albanian pepper produces warmth. So it can be put into gloves and shoes. Gingko biloba (Japanese juice) is good for blood circulation. It can also be heated by dyeing with skin, soluble oil or water compounds.


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