Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss and Vitamin D Deficiency

Our today discussion is hair loss causes.Vitamin D is of vital importance for body health. Lack of vitamin D can lead to many health problems as well as hair loss. Let’s get to know vitamin D first, and then look at hair loss.

Hair Loss Causes

Vitamin D
Vitamin D, also called sunlight vitamin, is produced on the skin of the sunlight. D vitamins play an important role in cell division and differentiation. It also helps the immune system.

However, the most important role of vitamin D is to regulate calcium and phosphorus levels in the body. Vitamin D increases the calcium absorption in the intestines, ensuring the level of calcium is maintained.

D Vitamin Deficiency
D Vitamin deficiency causes incorrect mineralization of bones. This results in the loss of bones instead of calcium. The bones are soft and can easily be hurt. This manifests itself as osteomalacia (bone softening) in adults and rickets in children. D vitamin deficiency may also cause some cancers such as joint inflammation, juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and prostate.

According to a study published in Dermatology Online Journal in 2010, low levels of vitamin D inhibit the growth cycle of hair follicles.

Hair Loss Causes

D Vitamin and Hair Loss
The relationship between vitamin D and skin health has been the subject of many investigations. And few people are aware that a healthy scalp will prevent hair loss, and even trigger hair growth.

There are several connections between vitamin D and hair loss:

1. Vitamin D is thought to prevent hair loss by stimulating hair follicles. Vitamin D also activates the cells in the hair shaft. The healthier the cells, the more healthy the hair and hair will be.

2. Vitamin D deficiency inhibits a basic amino acid function. The absence of this amino acid was associated with hair loss.

3. Investigations reveal that a significant proportion of people suffering from hair loss suffer from lack of vitamin D.

Hair Loss Causes

4. In cancer patients who use a gel containing vitamin D, hair loss is reduced and the hair begins to grow again.

5. To increase vitamin D intake is to increase the quality of the hair.

There is strong evidence that vitamin D affects hair loss, although it has not been fully documented. So you have to get out of the closed doors and get some sunshine. Not only for your hair health, but also for your general health …

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