Grilled Beef Steak Recipe

Grilled Beef Steak Recipe

To prepare a grilled beef steak (almost) perfect, is very simple. In order to prepare it, there is a trick that is simply to follow a series of very simple steps. Generally, grilled beef steak, at home are usually cooked by passing through the pan and cooking to taste, without any previous step and, although they are also spectacular (a good beef, will never stop being a beef steak), here I will show a very technical Easy to make still look better and also and as always, does not require any great effort.Not only American People like donuts there are many countries where donuts are very famous.Garlic is very good for our health.You can use garlic too in this recipe.

Tricks For Preparing A Perfect Grilled Beef Steak

1.- The first step to prepare a good grilled beef steak to take it out a few hours before the refrigerator. So the beef steak (and its fat) will be at room temperature and cooked better. So, two or three hours before we cooked it, we took it out and covered it well with plastic wrap. In this way we also avoid rusting on contact with the air.
2.- After time, we cook it. And we are going to do it in two phases. The first, is to seal the beef steak and prevent the juices escape. So we put a pinch of salt on each side of the beef steak and we put the iron on a strong fire, with a trickle of olive oil (very little, the beef steak has a lot of fat and will cook in its own juices) and then place the beef steak on top . We cook it for about 3 minutes on each side, until it has picked up some the pores of the meat have closed well. When we have cooked 3 or 4 minutes per side, remove it from the plate and let it cool, until it has reached room temperature.
3.- When it has cooled down and just before it’s time to eat it, it’s time to finish cooking our beef steak grilled. We put the iron back, this time to average temperature and we put again our grilled beef steak in her. The exact cooking times vary according to the desired point and the thickness of the beef steak. If the beef is very fat and we want it little done (as I like), having it about 3-4 minutes on each side will suffice. If we want it to be at its point, the time should rise to about 6-7 minutes on each side.
4.- Finally, when it is already cooked, we place it on a hot plate, since the grilled beef steak is something that cools very easily, we cut it into strips (or you can leave it whole if you prefer), we put fat salt on it and To enjoy!With this simple trick, you will have a grilled beef of 10. It will be almost as good as a grilled beef steak made to the stone!


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