Garlic soup, is a typical soup in Spain .Originally, it was a humble recipe that was prepared a lot in the post-Civil War era, when meat ingredients were scarce. This garlic soup, has taken a lot of hunger in the Spanish homes of that time since, its ingredients are basic and everyone had access to them in their homes, unlike others like meats. In addition it was a caloric dish, very good to drink in winter, before leaving home to go to work the land. Since then and as always, the recipe has evolved a lot and there are many different ways and ingredients to make it.You can also read onion soup .Vegetable soup recipes are very easy and cheap recipes.

GARLIC SOUP Ingredients for 4 people

12 cloves garlic

 50 to 100 grams (depending on how thick we want the soup). If it is one or two days, better

 50 grams fried tomato

 A teaspoon of paprika, sweet or spicy.

 Olive oil

 Salt and pepper


1.- In a tall stew, pour a good stream of olive oil and heat it over a low heat. When it is hot, add the finely chopped garlic cloves. We saute very soft for a few minutes  to cook the garlic little by little and to perfume the oil well.

2 .- After a few minutes, when the garlic begins to brown (that do not go or will burn and bitter much) we add the bread, also cut into small pieces. We raise the fire a little and continue cooking the bread with the garlic for another 5 minutes stirring occasionally.

3.- We add the tomato, remove and then add the paprika, stir for 10 seconds, no more because otherwise the paprika will burn. Now, we cover everything well of broth or in its defect, of water. If we pour only water, we can also pour a bouillon.

4.- Let cook for 10 minutes more on medium heat so there is a concentration of flavors. We can crush if we want the bread, with a wooden spoon to make it more tender at the time of eating it. put little bit of salt and serve soup of garlic in a bowl or in a deep dish.


At the moment, the soup of garlic  soup is typical of Holy Week in some regions of Spain. It can be added to some other ingredient that we want, like egg, added at the end with the container outside the fire and stirring for a minute …. To the taste of the consumer.


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