Before beginning to talk about how to take care of the FRYER OIL, I want to recommend an article where I talk about which oil is better, olive or sunflower. I believe it is important to first make this clear before beginning this article. Although, here I will try to talk about how to take care of the oil of the fryer with both olive and sunflower oil. Of course, from now on I recommend never using seed oil for this. Since it is only of one use and we would be cleaning and discarding the oil of the fryer more than using it. Having said all this, we started with a few simple kitchen tricks to take care of the oil of the fryer.Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.


As I said in an earlier article,olive oil is best for frying, followed by sunflower. At your choice I leave which you choose. Here are some tips that I do at home to take care of the fryer oil
1.- Never heat the oil more than necessary. The oil, comes a critical point in which begins to lose property very quickly, gaining in others that are carcinogenic. This point occurs when olive oil exceeds 180 ° C-200 °. Depending on variety. In the case of sunflower oil, it also withstands those temperatures, but only if it is high oleic. These are the only two oils I would advise for frying. The rest deteriorate very quickly and at much lower temperatures so that they are not profitable. To care for the fryer oil it is also important not to let the oil overheat and humid without having a frying food inside. If it starts to draw black smoke, the oil will have burned out and will have to be discarded (even if it is new)
2. Strain the oil after each use. Especially if you have fried batter or breaded. If you have made a potato chips, with a skimmer you can remove the leftovers but in case of being brewed, ALWAYS strain it after each use, with a very fine strainer or filter (the coffee serves). When it is cold, clean the fryer thoroughly. These residues that remain in the oil spoil it very quickly.
3. When not in use, keep the oil always covered and protected from the air. The fryer lid will be sufficient to achieve this. Also served in a glass jar, properly closed. The air oxidizes the oil and causes it to turn red. In addition, there are always dust and smoke particles that do not matter that they come in contact with the oil.
4.- EYE with frying in it foods especially strong and of great flavor. As is the case with fish. The fish leaves a lot of flavor in the oil and everything we fry in it afterwards will taste like fish. In cases like this, I advise frying the fish with an oil jet, in a frying pan and not in the fryer. After that oil we will use it only to fry fish.
5.- Similar to the previous point, EYE with water and food with high water content. Almost all foods have water, but we must try to squeeze out all possible water from the outside of the food for two reasons. The first is that the water causes the oil to rise and splash and can cause a major accident. The second is that the water deteriorates the fryer oil a lot. So, if you have cleaned some food, dry well before putting it to fry.
6.- Finally, when to discard it ?. We can take care of the oil of the fryer so that it lasts more time but, never will be eternal. When it starts to release a lot of foam (if it is not enough, simply remove it with the skimmer), when it becomes too dark, when it is cold, it has a texture too viscous or when the food absorbs a lot of fat during frying …. These are signs that it is time to change the oil. Put it in a jar and take it to a clean spot. Never to the drain of house because, besides being very polluting, it spoils the pipes of the house. And thoroughly clean the fryer before adding new oil.
These tricks will be very useful to take care of the oil of the fryer . By following them, you can use up to 20 times the fryer oil. Even more often, if not fries or fries a few breaded and battered that, this is what most spoils the oil from the fryer.



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