french omelette recipes

Best French Omelette Recipes For Your Health

Does the traditional french omelette recipes bore you? Well here we are going to make a variant of this traditional dish. Let’s prepare a stuffed French omelet . As easy to do as normal but with much more “substance”. The filling of the photo, is ham and cheese but you could put something else. Like greenery.There area so many omelettes in which we are not going to use eggs but make delicious  omelette without egg.Many people want to know how to cook courgette omelette.You’ll see how easy it is to make the stuffed French omelet.Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

French Omelette Recipes  Ingredients

3 eggs

2 slices of cooked ham (if they are small, if it is large we cut it in half)

2 sandwich slices

a pinch of salt

A splash of olive oil

Best French Omelette Recipes

1.- Put the eggs in a bowl. Add each of them a pinch of salt and beat them for about 30 seconds with a fork

2.- Put a small trickle of oil in a good nonstick skillet (suitable for the size of the tortilla) and heat it over medium heat

  1. When hot add a little less than half of the beaten egg. Above, we place the cheese slices first and the cooked ham on top (or vice versa. The order of the factors does not alter the product). The edge of the tortilla should be free so if you can not fit completely, you can place them slightly mounted one slice over the other. It will look good too.

4.- Put the rest of the egg on top. In principle it should cover the slices completely. But if they stand out a little, nothing happens. Or you could beat another egg and put it on very quickly.

  1. Now, two options. Or roll it like the usual French omelette, with a wooden spoon or, with a plate you turn it around, like the potato tortilla. I, to make the photo, I made a hybrid. That is, I turned it over with a plate, let it cook for 30 seconds and then rolled it up with the spoon. It becomes much easier. But it is up to you to finish it.

And so easy you have your stuffed French omelette as easy to make as traditional but with much more flavor! You will repeat!


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