Foods That Relieve Stress And Depression

9 Foods Fighting With Stress

Our today topic is foods that relieve stress and depression.We have noticed many times that tensions and stress have destroyed our food order. Well, what do you say to reverse this effect-reaction? We can get rid of the symptoms that cause restlessness and restlessness with the right foods.

Foods That Relieve Stress And Depression

1. Bitter Chocolate
The soothing effect of Bitter Chocolate makes you a happier person because it contains a widely accepted flavoring and phenethylamine substances that affect your mood in a positive way. Choose chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa, you feel its effect more strongly.

2. Light Milk
There was a calming effect of a glass of warm cigarette. According to a research, women who drink 4 glasses of milk a day are much less likely to have symptoms of PMS than women who drink a glass of milk cause stress.

Foods That Relieve Stress And Depression

3. Oatmeal Paste
Carbohydrates enable the body to produce pleasurable serotonin hormone. That’s probably why we want to eat when we’re very anxious and stressed. It is very important to choose healthy carbohydrate sources at this point. The oatmeal contains high-fiber. This means that your body will digest it slowly and healthy. The body will continue to secrete serotonin in this process and you will feel better for a longer time. On the other hand, you will protect yourself against the rapid increase in the sugar content in the blood.

4. Salmon Fish
Research shows that high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon fish reduce stress by increasing the level of serotonin. A diet rich in omega-3 anxiety attracts the least attention to cortisol and adrenaline production.

5. Walnut
Walnut is also a powerful antioxidant, which helps lower blood pressure in people who work hard because of high levels of adrenaline. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends at least a few walnuts to be eaten every day.

Foods That Relieve Stress And Depression

6. Sunflower Hull
The core, a good source of folic acid, helps produce dopamine, a brain chemistry that is pleasing.

7. Spinach
Green vegetables like magnesium in spinach help you to feel better by increasing the reaction of the body to the stress.


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