Food For Sexually Long Time

7 Foods That Increase Men’s Sexual Strength

Our today discussion is food for sexually long time.According to the Mayo Clinical Research Center, one out of every three men suffers from the problem of premature ejaculation or erection at some point in their lives. Most of the time men have difficulty in having an erection or maintaining an erection. Regular exercise will be very helpful in increasing your sexual power. However, the following list of 7 items will provide you with the power you need.

Food For Sexually Long Time

1. Wild Mersini
Wild Mersi is considered a “super sex” food because it makes changes in the Viagra style on the body. Wild Mersi is filled with components that help blood vessels relax and increase circulation in the body. In addition, due to the high fiber content it contains, excess cholesterol is thrown out of the system, thus preventing a possible blockage in the arteries. Low cholesterol and increased blood flow increase blood in the penis during sexual intercourse. This means harder and longer erections.

2. Fig
The fig contains considerable amounts of amino acids that are involved in the formation of sexual hormones, which acts directly on the sexual power. A deficiency in amino acids means a decrease in sexual power or desire.

3. Oysters
Zinc is very important in the production of testosterone and sperm. Oysters also contain large amounts of zinc. Testosterone production affects sexual desire and sexual power. In addition, oysters contain dopamine. Dopamine will increase the desire of your man to continue the sex to create a sense of happiness. Zinc deficiency may decrease sexual performance and cause some sexual disorders.

4. Walnut
Walnut can be used as a source of rich amino acids and l-arginine to increase sexual power. L-arginine opens the blood vessels in the penis and pumps more blood to the area, thus increasing sexual strength during sex.

5. Garlic
The allicin, which is believed to have boosted blood to the garlic sexual organs, contains a named substance. The increase in the amount of penile outward means that it stays longer and increases sexual power.

6. Banana
Bananas increase sexual energy by increasing the energy of men during sex. Banana bromelain contains a named enzyme. This enzyme raises sexual power and libido. Bananas, a good source of vitamin B, keeps the body’s energy up during sexual intercourse.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate containing phenylethylamine and alkaloid substances can be used to increase sexual power. phenylethylamine is a chemical that provides good feelings during sex. The caffeine effect of the acaloid is to increase the energy and thus the sexual power.


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