The Five Steps to Choosing an Engagement Ring

The Five Steps to Choosing an Engagement Ring

The five steps to choosing an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is one of the most important gems in your life and in that of your partner. So before choosing, from Midwest Jewellery we give you some recommendations.

  1. Plan ahead. (We recommend 2 weeks in advance)
  2. Discover the size of your fiancée’s ring
  3. Select a type of ring
  4. Choose the materials
  5. Make a creative proposal

There are mainly two ring options, one is a jewel that links the diamonds inside and the other, the solitaire, is a ring that links a single diamond. The choice will depend on the taste of each one and the budget.

The Five Steps to Choosing an Engagement Ring

The first option links diamonds inside and can be complete or half alliance. The choice will depend on the tastes and needs you have. Diamonds can be chosen in different sizes, but the most usual one is the brilliant cut (round).

As for the material of the frame, it can also vary in color, design and noble metal. Currently, white gold is the most common material in engagement rings, although in earlier times it was platinum, in family jewels it is normal to find this material as the basis of alliances. A great advantage of platinum is that the color is unalterable over time, while other materials such as white gold to be mixed with other metals to give more hardness, over time may vary a little color; it is no problem you just have to dedicate a little more attention.

The Solitaire, the classic engagement ring that does not disappoint

The second option is the solitaire, a ring of noble material to choose with a central diamond. In this case, the diamond can be of different sizes. From brilliant cut (round), marquise or navette cut, poire cut, emerald cut, cushion, heart to princess cut. The mount can be made in the noble material in gold or platinum.

Our designs are exclusive and made in detail by our jewelry designers, the result is a different jewel and with quality finishes. A unique design that differentiates your jewel from the others.

Our experience of more than 100 years translates into the durability of your jewelry; in our workshop, we review jewels of more than 50 years that have had an appropriate use.

It is important that you define a budget; with this, you can have an idea of the quality, materials and ring kilties.

Our recommendation is to choose quality before quantity, a white and pure diamond with a size of good proportions makes the jewel have a different meaning. The brightness and color will be visible to the naked eye. Quality diamonds shine without special lights like those of a jewelry store.

The Five Steps to Choosing an Engagement Ring

How to know the size of your fiance’s ring?

You can check our size guide, even so, it is easier to bring a ring that you use, with this we can take the measurements and make the jewel of engagement as close as possible, after the big day, we can adjust the small details, Being a craft jewel allows us to make the necessary adjustments.

How long does an engagement ring take?

From Midwest Jewellery we recommend a minimum of two weeks for the realization. Remember that it is a piece that requires maximum attention in all its details. From choosing the saddle, the material and the diamonds in their many facets.

An original marriage proposal

An engagement ring is forever, we created it to be so. So it is for you to make the proposal in an original way, remember that it will be a unique and special day in your lives.


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