finger ligament injury

Finger Injury Treatment

Our today topic is finger ligament injury.We will talk about finger ligament injury.What are the treatments of finger ligament injury?What are the symptoms of finger ligament injury?Finger hurt or sprain is a condition that usually happens when you are doing sports. Especially with sports made by ball, we are starting to play more often. Finger injury occurs when the ligaments on the finger are damaged.finger ligament injury

Why Does Finger Injury Occur?
Each finger consists of three bones called phalanges and two joints called interphalanian. These joints separate the bones from each other, allowing your fingers to move flexibly. Each joint has side bonds that connect the bones together. Unlike other fingers, our head is composed of two bones and one joint. If any bond from your fingers hurt or bends at the level to which it is damaged, it will cause a finger injury.

Finger Injury Symptoms
The indication of a finger injury is as follows:

When you move your finger, you feel pain on your finger because of torn ligaments
Pain around the joint where the heel rises
Swelling in the finger joint
Difficulty moving your finger
If too severely sprained fingers or if you move your finger if severed ties completely ettiremeyip, just straight pinch

Finger Ligament Injury

Finger Injury Treatment
Bruised finger bleeding, inflammation and swelling, you need to treat the first 24 and 72 hours in order to minimize. The treatment of finger injuries is as follows:

Protect your finger And to Avoid Loss Activity Rates can
provide a quick way of healing and reduce pain and hurt purpose Avoid using your finger to relieve swelling.

The best way to keep the finger and keep it stable is to use your splint or bandage to fix your finger next to it.

Avoid activities that cause your finger to exert excessive pressure. Ask your doctor what is the best way to rest your fingers and do not use your fingertip.

Ice Treatment You
will put your fingers on your finger and it will be a good treatment for reducing ice, swelling and pain. But do not touch the bouquet directly with your skin. Wrap the bubble or ice bag in a towel and apply your finger 4 times a day every 10 or 20 minutes. Continue this practice until the pain and swelling are resting. In order for ice treatment to be beneficial, you should start this process within the first 48 hours.

Bandage Or Compression Technique
During the first 24 and 72 hours, your fingernail will help you with both your constant stance and your swelling. Make sure that the bandage does not block your blood flow in the printing method you use with the bandage.

The best bandage method you will apply to your finger is to wrap your entire finger with a splint of 8-9 cm. Bandage in this way both accelerates healing and keeps your finger constant.finger ligament injury

Finger Ligament Injury

Drug Use
Your doctor will advise you on the right medication to relieve pain and prevent inflammation. Common drugs used in such cases are:

Acetaminophen you may get without prescription, painkillers such as aspirin, naproxen or ibuprofen, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Regional pain relievers that you can apply directly to your skin
If you have a serious pain, you can take other prescription drugs

To exercise

After proper and correct treatment, the affected finger takes 1-2 weeks to heal. Ask your doctor if the exercises you need to do at this stage are appropriate for you and you should do the following exercises three times a day to help you during the healing process.

But if your finger becomes worse after these exercises, stop doing it. These exercises are as follows:

Turning the Hand On and Off Turning your
fingers inward until you feel the pain, make a tight punch and open it again. Repeat this exercise 10 times

Approaching and Moving Fingers First of all, hold your hand straight, as if your fingers are together, and separate your fingers from each other laterally until you feel pain, and then join together. Repeat this exercise 10 times

a Tennis Ball Get a tennis ball in your hand and squeeze as much as you can until you feel pain. Squeeze the ball for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this exercise 10 times.finger ligament injury


Even though the treatment methods are similar, dislocation injuries are more seriously injured than injuries. When it is splashed, the joint is disrupted and the joints are torn off. The joint must be repositioned the same way before the injury.

Treatment method
Most fingers can be treated with the help of splint, the splint provides the joint capsule and ligaments to be held together and the healing process is supported.

In methods such as keeping ice and a high place, swelling can be applied to reduce inflammation and pain.
Once the joint has come together, your doctor will take the thumb of your finger to make sure that the joint is in the correct position and to see if there is any possible fracture.

Finger Ligament Injury

In some cases, surgery may be needed to correct the injury, which occurs without injury.

Your doctor will tell you your treatment and other methods for your finger to appear.

Finger Injury
If you have a mid-injury injury and have applied the recommended treatment methods, you can start your normal activities in 2-6 weeks.finger ligament injury

If the injury is at a more serious level, this period will be longer. In some cases, the injuries to the neck can cause swelling of the joints for months. You are also more likely to have osteoarthritis depending on the grade of the incision and how the joint is affected. This is the best chance your doctor will advise you.


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