Facts About Vitamin B12

Facts About Vitamin B12

Today we will talk about facts about vitamin b12.8 Vitamin B12, one of the B group vitamins, is one of the essential vitamins for both humans and animals. Because it can only be produced by bacteria, both humans and animals have to take this vitamin from the outside with nutrients and additional products

Facts About Vitamin B12

How does B12 Vitamin Help Our Body?

Vitamin B12 plays a role in all cell metabolisms, but the most important function is the regulatory role in the brain and nervous system. It also contributes to the formation of blood.

Which foods are B12 Vitamin?

Animals meet the need for B12 vitamins from bacteria. Although some plants contain this vitamin, research has shown that plant-derived vitamin B12 is not a useful source. People can afford the necessary vitamin B12 (especially liver and shellfish), dairy products and eggs. Although the egg is a good source of vitamin B12, it also contains a substance that makes it difficult to absorb B12 in the white part. This problem disappears when white is cooked well.

How Can We Get Vitamin B12 Supplementary Products?

Nutritionists recommend that vegetarians should include their vitamin B12 in their diets as it is not possible to get as much of it. Vitamin B12 can be taken in addition to pills, syrups or needles. It is highly recommended to take this vitamins with a needle because the absorption by the body is at the highest level.

Recommended Daily B12 Vitamin Buying

Research shows that the amount of vitamin B12 required for anyone over the age of 15 is 2-3 micrograms per day.

Interesting Facts About Vitamin B12

The discovery of vitamin B12 has been made possible by the understanding of its association with malignant anemia.

Lack of vitamin B12 can cause serious irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system.
Even at levels below normal, vitamin B12 deficiency causes problems such as exhaustion, depression, and poor memory. It can even lead to psychosis and madness.

Vitamin B12 helps regenerate folic acid in the body.

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