Eye Problems Symptoms

How Does Eye Disease Occur, How Does It Go?

Our today topic is eye problems symptoms.We will talk about eye problems symptoms.A lot of people may face eye crying at some point throughout life. Eye Problems SymptomsThere are so many eye problems symptoms?We will discuss some important eye problems symptoms.The most common cause is the impact on the eye. But other than that, facial stretchers, nose injuries, infections, allergic reactions, and insect infiltration can have many causes.

Why Does Eye Bleeding Happen?
Impact of
Eye Circumference The most common cause of eye morpheme is the narrowness of the eye, nose or forehead. Depending on where the darbenin descends, eye crouch may affect one or both eyes.

The blow to the nose usually results in swelling of both eyes because the blow to the nose causes the fluids to accumulate in the loose tissues of the eyelids.

Eye Problems Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Other reasons for eyeballs are:

Facial medical operations such as facelift, jaw or nose surgery
In some head injuries, both eyes suddenly bloom and swell, in general this is called the raccoon eye.
Factors that can cause swelling that is not necessarily associated with bruising around the eye are as follows:

Allergic reactions
Insect bitesEye Problems Symptoms
Skin infections seen around the eye
Angioedema (usually swelling around the eye)
Oral and dental operations
How Does Eye Disease Pass?
Many methods that can be applied at home for eye purple may be good.

Cold Application The
first and most basic method of applying eye cold is to apply cold to the area with an ice bag. The ice applied to the region will quickly reduce the swelling and prevent a possible internal bleeding to narrow the veins in the region. Ice application will also accelerate the healing process and reduce pain. If you do not have ice at home, you can also apply any packaged food in the icebox, such as frozen vegetables.

Cover the ice cubes with a cloth and hold them for 10 to 20 minutes. Avoid keeping the cloth too thin and holding it too long because you can cause a new damage to the area in this way. Repeat this practice several times in the first two days.Eye Problems Symptoms

Hot Application It
is recommended to apply warm compress to the area after a few days of eye crowding. As the blood flow in the region accelerates, this application will help the skin and eye to heal quickly. A very light massage to be done with a warm cloth can also accelerate blood flow and provide a dry blood distribution under the skin.

First dip the beige hot water and squeeze it. Place the beige on the damaged area and wait until the heat is reduced. Repeat the application several times a day.

Eye Problems Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Boiled Egg In
ancient China, a method of alleviating eye bruising is a boiled egg. After you boil the egg, peel the skin and roll it around your eye. Take care not to press too hard not to cause unnecessary pain. When the egg cools, reheat and repeat the process.Eye Problems Symptoms

Cold red potatoes are another miracle method for healing the redness that accompanies the eye bruise. Slice the potatoes into rings and keep them in the fridge for half an hour and then hold them for about an hour.

Alternatively, you can apply the potato to the area by squeezing the water.
Instead of potatoes, cucumber or used and cooled tea bags will provide the same result.
Pigeon Tree Solution (Witch Hazel)
Pigeon tree solution has a healing and soothing effect on damaged skin. Immerse a cotton swab in the solution for 5-10 minutes in the damaged area. You can also apply a damp cloth to the skin, which is a mixture of water, chamomile oil, and pigeon tree solution. To reach the best result, you should repeat 2 or 3 times a day.

Arnika; is a medication used to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling and inflammation. It is also good for eyeballs at this time. You can find Arnikay in many forms as regional cream, ointment or oil. Apply 2 or 3 times a day, lightly but effectively. You can also use a small lump of schnapps internally. In this way, the swelling that occurs with the eye’s bruise comes down from the inside.Eye Problems Symptoms

Vitamin C The
prevalence of vitamin C in the treatment of eye cramps is great. When you are uninjured, you should add nutrients rich in vitamin C to your diet. Orange, pepper, yer Elma, lemon, lime, mango and broccoli are examples of these foods. Vitamin C helps thicken the blood vessel walls, helping to heal effectively.



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