Eye Pain Causes

Eye Pain Causes and Treatment

Our today discussion is about eye pain causes.Eye pain is divided into two categories according to where you feel pain:

Pain on the surface of the eye (ocular pain)
Pain in the eye (orbital pain)
Eye pain is a very common symptom, but it is rarely a serious problem. Pain usually occurs spontaneously without the need for medication or treatment.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

Eye pain may appear as roughness on the surface of the eye, burning or itching. Pain on the surface is usually caused by a foreign material, infectious or hurtful. This type of pain is often easily treated with eye drops or rest.

In the pain that develops in the eye, pain can be felt as painful, lumpy, bruised or palpable. This type of pain may require more serious treatment, but it is rarely a more serious problem.

Eye Causes on the Surface of the Eye (Ocular)
The following may be the causes of pain on the surface of the eye.

Foreign matter the most common cause of eye pain is contact with or exposure to a foreign substance. Eye lashes can cause eye irritation, redness, irritation and pain when a piece of dirt, make-up material or other substance enters the eye.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

Eye Fever (Conjunctivitis)
Eye flaccidity is inflammation of the inner surface of the eyelids called conjunctiva and the thin membrane covering a part of the eye. It is usually an infection or an allergen. Although pain is usually moderate, inflammation causes itching, redness and purging.

Contact Lens Irritation Irritation
(irritation) or eye pain due to infection can be seen in people wearing contact lenses at night, or if they do not properly disinfect their lenses.

Cornea Abrasion
Cornea is the name given to the translucent surface. The cornea is very susceptible to injuries. People with corneal abrasion feel like there is something in their eyes. In this case, treatments such as eye washing aiming to remove the foreign body are painful and do not relieve the irritation.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

Chemical burns and glare burns can cause serious pain in the eye. These burns usually occur when exposed to an irritant for a period of time. Bleach or sunshine, the solarium machine, the intense light of the welding machine can cause eye injury, which can cause pain.

Blepharitis The sebaceous glands at the edge of the eyelid may cause infection or inflammation, resulting in eye soreness.

If you create a nodule or lump in the eyelid infection, blepharitis, stye name it is given. The backyard can be very painful. The area around the barge can be very sensitive to touch.

Causes of Orbital Eye Pain in the Eye
The cause of the pain felt in your eyes may be one of the following.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

The Glaucoma Disease
is manifested as “a feeling of pressure through the eye”. Other symptoms of glaucoma are nausea, headache and loss of vision. Suddenly the pressure in the eyes is an urgent situation and there is a need for treatment to prevent permanent loss of vision.

neuritis If the optic nerve (the nerve connecting the back of your eye to the brain) is inflamed, you can experience eye pain with loss of vision. It can cause an immune disorder or an infection with a viral or bacterial infection.

An infection in the sinuses can cause a feeling of pressure behind the eyes. The infection is felt by increasing sudden pain in one eye or both.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

Migraine headache is also an effect of the headache.

Eye cramps, blistering or an accident can cause severe eye pain.

When is Eye Pain an Emergency?
In addition to eye pain, if vision loss also occurs, this may be an indication of an urgent situation. Other symptoms that require medical attention include:

Severe eye pain
Eye pain due to injury, chemical or excessive light
Abdominal pain and vomiting associated with eye pain
Severe pain that occurs when the eye is touched
Sudden and major changes of opinion
Eye Pain Treatment
The treatment of eye pain varies depending on the cause of the pain. The most common treatments are these.

Resting the best way to treat eye pain is to let your eyes rest. Looking at the computer screen, smartphones, or television can cause eye strain. So your doctor can recommend you to rest your eyes for a day or two.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

Attaching glasses
If you are using continuous contact lenses, you can use glasses for a period of time to heal your corneas.

Warm Compress Application It
may be beneficial to keep warm, moist towels on the pancreas for patients with blepharitis or hunger. This treatment method helps to clear clogged sebaceous glands or hair follicles.

Eye Wash
If you are exposed to a foreign substance or chemical eye, wash with water. So you can clean the particles in your eye.

Antibacterial eye drops and oral antibiotics can be used to treat infections. These infections are diseases such as eye sores and corneal abrasion which cause pain in the eye.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

Eye drops and oral medications can be used to treat eye pain due to eye allergy.

Eye Drops
People carrying glaucoma disease can use eye drops to relieve the pressure that occurs inside the eye.

Corticosteroids for more serious eye infections such as optic neuritis and iritis, your doctor may write drugs that are corticosteroids.

Pain Relief
If pain is serious and afflicts your daily life, your doctor may recommend pain relievers until the underlying cause is treated.

Eye Pain Causes And Treatments

What Happens If Eye Pain Is Not Treated?
Most eye aches pass on spontaneous or easy treatment. Eye pain and underlying conditions can rarely cause permanent eye damage. But sometimes, there is a more serious problem. Some untreated diseases can cause worse problems.

For example, glaucoma symptoms such as eye pain, headache, nausea, and the like can be diagnosed and treated, resulting in loss of vision and even complete blindness. Do not gamble on your sight. Visit an ophthalmologist when you feel a pain in your eye.

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