Eye Irritation Treatments

Eye irritation Causes and Treatment

Our today topic is on eye irritation treatments and causes.Eye irritation usually occurs due to allergies. When an immune system responds to an eye-contact foreign substance (allergen), the histamine hormone is secreted. This causes eye scratching.

We all meet from time to time with eye irritation. Small items like dust can give our eyes a feeling of itchiness for a few minutes. However, some health problems can cause hours, days, even months of itching. These are often the situations where medical care is needed.

Eye Irritation Treatments And Causes

Causes of eye irritation – Allergies
The most common cause of eye pruritus is allergies. Eye allergies are thought to affect 1 out of 5 people in the world.

Eye allergies can be examined in two categories:

Seasonal Allergies Seasonal allergies
that occur during certain times of the year can cause eye strain. Spring is a classic form of seasonal allergies. It occurs when the body pollen reacts in the air. As different pollenes affect people differently, when your eyes are scratching, a person with eye allergies may not be affected at the same time.

Eye Irritation Treatments And Causes

Permanent Allergies
These allergies may persist throughout the year. Also known as indoor media allergy. Because house dust is the main cause of the symptoms. House dust mushrooms cause allergies, because they keep the mold and the animal’s crotch, and because these substances cause your immune system to react. You may also notice that some specific triggers also cause eye strain.

Eye Causes Causes – Other Cases
There are various conditions that can cause eyebrows.

Foreign Items
An eyelash or piece of dirt can cause scratching in the eye. Against the foreign body entering the eye, the body immediately reacts with an inflammatory reaction, which manifests itself as eye irritation and eye irritation.

Dry Eye
Eye to moisturize, protect and fatten when tear production is enough for dry eye occurs. The result is inflammation and itching in the eye.

Drawing of the cornea
The anterior surface of the eye may be damaged by scratching the cornea. This problem can arise due to a hard substance in the eye or an eye infection. This scratched eye is uncomfortable with every blink and causes eyebrows, pruritus.

Eye Irritation Treatments And Causes

Eye infections
Some organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, can cause eye infection, causing eye infection. These infections can affect the white part of the eye (conjunctiva) or the anterior part (cornea). Infections can also affect the eyelids. In this case blepharitis occurs. Eye infections are more common when using contact lenses.

Contact Lenses
Contact lenses can cause itching on the eye surface, which can cause itching.

Eye Itch Treatment
Antihistamine Drugs If your
eye allergy is the cause of allergy , your doctor will write a drug for antihistamine. This can be a pill taken by mouth or an eye drop. Antihistamines will disturb the problem by preventing the release of histamine hormone which causes itching. Your doctor may also recommend a drug that is decongestant. These medications will treat eye flushes, eye burns and irritation as well as eye pruritus.

Stay away from allergens Be careful to stay home at around 10 o’clock, and the amount of pollen outside will be at its highest level in the early hours of the evening . Close the windows and try to use the air conditioners. If you have to go out you can wear large sunglasses.

Eye Irritation Treatments And Causes

Molding Inside the house, make sure that the humidity is not too high to prevent mold formation . You can use an anti-humidifier for this.

Eyeball Rubbing
Eyeballs will be even more intense when you rub your eyeball. Because brachytherapy will increase the production of histamine hormone and itching will increase. So try to avoid rubbing your eyes.

Cold Application
Avoid applying warm or warm compress. Because heat will increase histamine release and keep on scratching. Cold compress will be good for eye prick. You can keep a towel that you have slightly wet with cold water on your eyes.

Tear Drop
If you feel an eye burn with the eye irritation, you may be confronted with an eyelid . You can use eye drops for this. Try to avoid looking at bright lights like a computer screen for a long time until the problem disappears.

Eye Irritation Treatments And Causes

Go PhD
eye irritation to ocular pain, loss of vision or sensitivity to light, seek medical advice immediately if accompanied. Because when it is accompanied by these symptoms, eye scratching may indicate a more serious eye problem.

Conclusion Although
eye irritation often occurs due to allergies in most cases, another underlying problem may also be a reporter. So do not give it a shot. Do not neglect the help of an eye doctor for a long period of eye pruritus .

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