Eye Irritation In Babies

Causes and Treatment Of Eye Choking in Infants

Our today topic is eye irritation in babies.We will discuss about eye irritation in babies.The problem of choking is caused by the clogging of the tear ducts. Tears; allowing the eyes to move easily in the pit. Tears flow into the nose with the help of tear ducts after completing this task. If a blockage occurs in this process.

The flap indications are:

Yellow or green eye discharge or pus
Drying of eyelids or eyelashes
Adhesion of lashes to each other during sleep
Redness in eye circles
Swollen eyelids
Causes of Eye Choking in Infants
Tear Canal

Eye Irritation In Babies

Blockage The cause of debarring in infants is usually tear duct obstruction.Many babies are born with undeveloped tear ducts, or these narrow ducts may subsequently become blocked. Tears are channeled; pipes that carry excess age from the eyes to the nasal cavity.Eye Irritation In Babies When the baby is born with this blockage, the tear can not move away from the eye properly and burrs form.

In the tearing of the tears, the baby’s eyes are constantly watered (even when they are not crying) and the ages can flow from the sides.A sticky burr layer is present in the eye, especially on the edges and causes the eyelashes to stick together.

Eye Fever If your
baby’s eyes are tired, red, old and you have a lot of bulge swelling on your eyelids, your baby may have conjunctivitis. Discomfort; is caused by a virus or bacteria, is contagious.

If you think your baby has this illness, you should go to a doctor. The doctor will give antibiotic eye drops for bacterial infection. You can also clean the eyes with a warm, wet cloth and then apply a cool comfy.

Eye Irritation In Babies

Treatment of Eye Choking in Babies
As a general principle, the body can cause inflammation if it can not dispense a liquid from the normal routes. This is what causes the babies to become burnt.

Clean the collar Wet a clean, soft cloth with clean water and wipe the yellow stream in the baby’s eyes. Repeat this several times a day, as needed.

Massage Tears Canals
Tears canals; It is located under the side of the eye near the nose. If the channels are too clogged, you may feel a bump under the eye springs. Eye Irritation In BabiesAfter cleansing your hands thoroughly; use your fingertips to gently massage the fingers in a semi-circular motion from the eye to the burr. Repeat this movement 5-10 times in one shot and do it at least six times a day. Put it on a daily routine, for example, before you change every cloth.These gentle pressures of liquid-filled tears will pass through blocked passages and open the area.

Applying Mother’s Milk
There is an antibiotic effect on mother’s milk. If you are breastfeeding, drop a few drops of clean finger from the six times a day and apply it to the corner of your nose. Each droplet of cucumbers has white blood cells that collide with millions of infections and is inherently antibacterial. And baby’s eyes are kinder than prescription drugs.

If the baby looks sick
The eyelid is swollen and red
If you think the baby looks blurry
If you have eye pain
If the cornea is cloudy
If the baby has normal fever

If the baby has a torn duct lump and the methods you have applied above are going to be burnt
Go to the doctor.As the baby grows up, these little channels will grow. Eye Irritation In BabiesBecause of this, most of the tear duct obstruction is recovered within a few weeks by these methods applied at home. Sometimes the eyes are blocked by the formation of a dice-like membrane, in which case the channel will not open itself. If your baby is nine months old and tear excretion is still not normal, your doctor may like you to the eye specialist for a small operation. With a little help, the doctor opens your baby’s tear ducts.This procedure is usually done quickly in the examination room, but sometimes larger babies may require general anesthesia.

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