Eye Fatigue

Eye Fatigue Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is eye fatigue symptoms causes & treatment.Eye fatigue (asthenopia) is the result of long-term and intense use of eyes. Eye fatigue can be disturbing, but it usually tends to go with rest. Often it is not a serious situation, but it rarely occurs as a symptom of another problem. Eye fatigue can lead to fatigue, impaired concentration and headaches.

Eye Fatigue Symptoms Causes & Treatment

Symptoms of Eye Fatigue
Eye fatigue is commonly widespread as follows:

Eye pain
Pain around the eyes
Blurred vision
Double vision
Burning sensation
Eye irrigation
Dry eye
Neck pain
Sensitivity to light

In addition to these, the use of computers also reveals the following:

Concentration disorder when looking at the paper or computer screen
Specification of consecutive images between images
Causes of Eye Fatigue
Eye fatigue is usually caused by inappropriate working conditions, but these reasons vary from person to person.

1. Keeping Your Eye Muscles Focused Long
If you keep your eye muscles focused for a long period of time on a computer object or something like a book, your eye muscles become tense. If these muscles remain tense for a long time, these muscles become tired and sensitive. This is similar to the fatigue of our muscles used after we have done a sport or gym. The eyes normally operate according to the principle of constantly changing the focal point between near and distant objects.

2. Weak Light If you
are working in a weak light or reading a book, your eyes will be forced to focus and your eye muscles will tired over time. For this reason, the working environment must be adequately illuminated.

Eye Fatigue Symptoms Causes & Treatment

3. Vision Problems
Eye fatigue can also be caused by weakening of the vision. This can be caused by not setting the number of glasses. For this reason, ophthalmologists have to do eye tests and adjust the eye glasses.

4. CRT Monitors
CRT monitors with a scanning speed of less than 70 Hz cause eye fatigue due to the vibration of the images. These monitors oscillate more agingly and cause the eye to change focus frequently to adjust the image to the eye, resulting in eye fatigue. For this reason, the monitors used must be changed from old times.

5. Direct Light Shoot at
Eye The direct light shining at the eye makes it difficult to focus the eyes, which makes the eye muscles tired. In order to prevent this, we should take care not to have the light coming in directly from the eye.

6. Contrast
Contrast is the difference between the brightness of the observed ennoble and the brightness of the surrounding. If the difference between these two is too much, it can cause eye fatigue. An example is white paper on a black background.

In addition, the following can cause eye fatigue:

Driving a long time
Watch TV for a long time
Imbalance between eye muscles
Stay in a dim environment for long periods
Posture disorder
Alcohol and drug use

Treatment of Eye Fatigue
1. Changes in Lifestyle
Moderate eye fatigue can pass through both eyes for a period of time and rest. But if your eyes are tired all day, you need to make some changes in general habits:

Eye Fatigue Symptoms Causes & Treatment

The light of the oven and the display contrast must be adjusted. If the room is too dark, the eyes will tear when reading the book and looking at the screen. The screen contrast should be adjusted to a room light at medium brightness.The distance between the eyes and the book or screen should be an arm length.
Looking at the screen for a long time causes neck pain. Take care that the monitor is right across from you.After reading a book and using a computer, look at something as distant as the cloud or a mountain. If you do not have a window in your room, at least look at the farthest object in the room. If your work is very intense during the day, stretch your pace at least occasionally and look at the farthest point on the ground. These movements will significantly prevent the fatigue of your eye muscles.

2. Using Eye Drops Eye Drops
moisturize your tired eyes. If you have tired eyes, you can often use these drops in busy books and busy work environments. It is important to use eye drops when you are reading a book for a long time or when you look at the computer screen.

3. Eye Exercises
Eye exercises help the tired eyes relax and allow more oxygen to accumulate in the eye muscles. If you use your eyes too much in focus during the day, do these exercises 2-5 times a day.Open your eyes wide open, move them right and left, up and down, and repeat this 10 times each time.
Keep your thumb at 30 cm in front of your eyes. Look at the finger for 5 seconds and then look at a distant object. Repeat this 5 times each time.Keep your fingers around your eyes and massage them softly. Repeat this exercise 5 times.
Put your palms against each other and put them on your eyes, which you close after you warm them up. This will speed up the blood flow around the eye, allowing the eye muscles to relax.

4. Herbal Medicines

Blueberries: Yellow berry capsules taken 3 times a day are effective for treating and enriching the eye fatigue.

Gold seal: This plant species is used for eye massaging and compression. The berberine substance in the gold seal treats the blood-stained eyes by shrinking the blood vessels.

Siberian ginseng: This plant enhances mental function and is effective against viral infections. Siberian ginseng is particularly effective when taken for long periods of time. Capsule form should be used.

Astragalus : Astragalus has the ability to soothe the energizing, immune-boosting and exhausting muscles.

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