Effects of Smoking

The Effects of Smoking on Vitamin Absorption

Today we will talk about effects of smoking on vitamin absorption.Smokers are not only poisoned with toxins, but they also lack some of the most valuable vitamins and minerals. Because smoking is interfered with the absorption of vitamins and minerals, which leads to the lack of these nutrients. Deficiencies cause some health problems. The most effective way to avoid vitamin deficiency is to stay away from smoking … If you are not ready to leave, vitamin supplements help prevent these problems. You can go to the doctor and test which vitamins and minerals do not have enough of your body and determine the correct vitamin dosages.

Effects of Smoking

1. Calcium
Smoking affects the calcium absorption responsible for bone formation. Decreased calcium absorption and problems in the bloodstream accelerate bone loss. This can lead to bone erosion, bone fractures, and pain. Children who have not smoked but are exposed to cigarette smoke also experience bone growth.

2. Vitamin D
Smoking causes poor absorption of vitamin D. Generally it is thought to be linked to calcium intake, but strong bones also require vitamin D. Calcium needs vitamin D during its absorption in the intestines. When there is not enough vitamin D, the bones become weak and become prone to cracking or bone erosion. Other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are muscle aches and muscle weakness.

3. Vitamin C
Smoking does not reduce the absorption of vitamin C, but also increases the body’s vitamin C requirement by 30%. This is why vitamin C deficiency is common among smokers. Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are fatigue, depression, skin rancidity and bad breath. Vitamin C plays an important role in the healing of infections and wounds. C vitamine insufficiency surgery, illness and recovery after injury are long lasting.

4. Iron
Since vitamin C is needed in the production of blood cells and iron absorption, smoking causes lack of iron. Iron is the main component in the production of red blood cells. The drop in blood cells causes the anemia (blood loss) to occur. Symptoms of anemia are fatigue, diarrhea, muscle weakness, irritability, distraction and forgetfulness.

5. Vitamin A
According to some studies, vitamin A deficiency is also seen in smokers. Vitamin A causes a decrease in the sense of lack of sight and serious eye problems. They also provide the basis for respiratory disturbances and decreased alveoli. Damage to alveoli reduces oxygen uptake in the lungs and causes breathing problems in smokers.

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