Easy Vegetables Soup Recipes

Easy Vegetable Soup Recipes

Today we are going to share vegetable soup recipes.Vegetable soup recipes are very easy and cheap recipes.Also Vegetable soup recipes are good for our health too.By following our vegetable soup recipes any one can make very tasty vegetable soup in their own home instead of buying vegetable soup from market.Cheese Sticks Recipe is also a healthy recipe.

Easy Vegetable Soup Recipes

The vegetable soup is one of the best soups I know, it is also perfect if you want to lose weight or go on a diet because in many vegetable soup is included because it is very healthy and low in fat. The best recipe I have ever seen is Arguiñano’s vegetable soup recipe. This recipe has its crumb because apart it carries a little bacon (we are no longer worth the diet hehehe), what I guarantee is that I did one day and it was spectacular.

This soup I have always prepared with the vegetable cut julienne, although this time I prepared it in brunoise. We can choose any type of cut of the vegetables. The brunoise is the cut of vegetables in small squares.

It is a perfect recipe for diets , as it includes a lot of vegetables (logically) and is very rich in fiber and low in calories. If you do not like to find the pieces of vegetables, a child for example, you can offer a very healthy vegetable cream. You know that any vegetable soup or cream will help us take care of ourselves.

Soups and broths, the great allies of winter

You are with me when I say that soups and broths are the best way to warm up on a cold day, so aside from today’s vegetable soup, on other occasions I have made other recipes for soups or broths like a chicken soup , one seafood soup perfect for Christmas and I can offer any broth that you find on my blog either chicken or vegetables to take a warm bouillon.

The vegetables that I put in this post are totally optional, that is to say, you can use the ones that you like. I in this case I used enough cabbage since it gives very good flavor and I like it very much. You can use chard, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

Cook with water or broth

As for cooking with water or broth, I always recommend boiling with broth as it will bring a lot more flavor. There are people (including myself) who like to add concentrated broth in cubes not to cook alone with water. If you do not have homemade broth and you want to give some flavor you can put some broth concentrated in cubes in the water.

Ingredients for making vegetable soup

A red pepper

2 carrots

A zucchini

Half a cabbage

A branch of celery

2 leeks

2 garlic


Vegetable water or broth

How to Make Vegetable Soup

1.- The first and heaviest will be cutting and peeling all the vegetables. There are people who like to buy the bags of vegetables already cut but I do not recommend it since it is much better to enjoy the fresh vegetables.

2.- In a large saucepan, chop the garlic into the slices until they brown.

3.- Once golden, incorporate the paprika of the Vera and we saute it with care of that it does not burn. This will give an exceptional taste to our soup

4.- Put the vegetables and saute for about 10 minutes over a low heat.

5.- Cover with water or with vegetable stock and let cook for about 40 minutes. The time will depend on the type of vegetables you have put. I in this case I have put cabbage that is very hard and needs a little more, but if you do not put cabbage surely the vegetable soup you have ready before.

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