Easy Pasta Recipe

Easy Pasta Recipe Ideas And Tricks

Some simple easy pasta recipe tricks to cook pasta properly , without having to go out fighting with it. In short, a few tricks so that when baking pasta, we are perfect. Sometimes we are broken, we stick, we are bland, we get over …. Serves as much as for macaroni like spaghetti, ravioli and ultimately, for all pastas.

Following some simple tips, we will make sure that when baking pasta we always stay at its point and tasty.

Easy Pasta Recipe Ideas

Many people seem to be scared when it comes to salt in the water to cook the pasta. He throws just a little oil as if he were salting a fillet. By doing this, the sauce can look great but the pasta will always be bland. You have to put a good handful of salt in the water. Without fear. You try it and it’s “a little” salad. Not too much but the water knows salad. Thus the heart of the pasta will absorb the salt and it will be much more tasty.

Easy Pasta Recipe Ideas Where I Am Cooking It :

 This can happen for several reasons. And there are several ways to avoid it too. One, is to pour oil into the cooking water. But it is not necessary. To prevent the paste from sticking to the bottom, simply lower the fire power slightly and remove the pasta a couple of times, using a wooden spoon especially the first few minutes of cooking. After these minutes if you have removed the paste, it is no longer going to paste.

This matter is more delicate and is more depending on the tastes. To me, really, I like pasta al dente. In other words, it is soft on the outside but has some resistance in the center. Some people like to be very soft. For the pasta to remain al dente, the cooking time will depend on how thick it is. So the spaghetti will be ready in about 10 minutes of cooking, the macaroni in about 12 and the rigatoni, which are quite thick pasta tubes, 15 minutes or more. The best thing, like everything, is to try every little time until you have the desired texture.

This is undoubtedly one of the best tricks I have learned to make pasta. Carrying it out, the sauces with which they will accompany it, are much more tasty. What to do, with almost all the sauces is to save a glass of water where the pasta has been cooked and then add one, two or even three tablespoons of this water to the sauce. Thus, it will be much finer and tastier. In addition, to put the pasta on the sauce, being this porous, absorbs a lot of that juice and is much better still. I encourage you to try it. Yes, watch yourself with the salt that you put in the sauce since, remember that the cooking water, has enough.We can find out mayonnaise recipe easily.

I hope these pasta cooking tips and tricks serve you and you like them.


Easy Pasta Recipe Easy Pasta Recipe Easy Pasta Recipe Easy Pasta Recipe

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