Easy Nougat Recipe

Easy Nougat Recipe

By using easy nougat recipe we can make nougat cake without oven  ! Is there a more Christmas ingredient than nougat? This nougat cake without oven is very easy to do and very characteristic of this time of year. The nougat to use is the soft, which is much sweeter than the hard. In addition, this nougat cake does not need baking so anyone can prepare it at home.There are so many recipes of noodles.


Easy Nougat Recipe

Ingredients For Making  Nougat Cake Without Oven

100g of cookies
50 of butter
350 ml milk
350 ml cream to mount (cream to beat)
400 g soft nougat
6 sheets of neutral gelatin (or 15 g of gelatin powder)
Optionally almedra crocanti


Easy Nougat Recipe below


1. Prepare the biscuit base. For that, we crush the biscuit a little with our hands and put them in a chopper. Then we grind them well. You can also do this step with a hand mixer

2. Once the butter is added crushed at room temperature. We re-grind both ingredients. In the end, it will remain as a kind of wet sand

3. We put this mixture into a springform pan pie. We crushed well with a spoon or a glass. Without leaving empty spaces for which the cake can escape. We put in the refrigerator while we follow the next steps

4. In a saucepan put the chopped nougat, milk and cream. We put it on very soft fire, while stirring quite frequently

5. When hot, add the gelatin, following the manufacturer ‘s instructions. Integrate well, stirring for another two minutes

6. When all integrated, add based on cookies. Then let stand 10 minutes and then put in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Better if it’s an entire night

7. Optionally and after an hour after being put in the fridge, we covered the surface with almond praline. The nougat tart, will still be liquid but by its surface, will be sufficiently curdled to support the weight of the almond. Let it sit in the refrigerator until it is completely set

These pies without oven are very easy to do. And this nougat was not going to be an exception!You can also read simple Oreo cheesecake recipe .

Easy Nougat Recipe Easy Nougat Recipe Easy Nougat Recipe Easy Nougat Recipe Easy Nougat Recipe


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