Easy Healthy Apple Recipes

Easy Healthy Apple Recipes

Our today topic is easy healthy apple recipes. There are so many easy healthy apple recipes and we are going to share on of from that easy health apple recipes.We will also share all easy healthy apple recipes in future.An apple recipe ideal for snacking in the middle of the afternoon without harming your diet or even to surprise the little ones at home, who sometimes have trouble eating fruit.The healthy snack with apple that we teach you to prepare next is a creation of Mary Gonzalez, who has decided to share in Recipes-gratis its creation. As dessert or snack, this apple filled with peanut butter and yogurt is wonderful and the best thing is that you can adapt the recipe to your taste by changing the list of ingredients.Microwave Apple Pie Recipe is very easy recipe.

Easy Healthy Apple Recipes Ingredients

1 Green or red apple

 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

  2 tablespoons of yogurt Greek (optional)

 1 Handful of Peanuts with raisins

Easy Healthy Apple Recipe

1 We started by listing all of our ingredients . What we will do is prepare a kind of apple sandwich using only the apple as a base and adding a filling that fits well.To create this delicious and original snack you can change any of these ingredients to make it to your liking. Remember that you can make homemade peanut butter and you can also combine it with strawberry jam , for example.

2 When you have decided on the ingredients, then we go to the second step is to split the apple in three as shown in the image.It is not necessary to peel the apple, remember that all the fiber of the fruit is in the skin, what you should do is wash it very well and if you want, take the heart to make it easier to eat when it is ready.

3 Then spread each layer of apple with the peanut butter and yogurt. I’ve covered the middle slice with butter and lids with yogurt, but you can make the combinations you want.

4 To finish, add the mixture of nuts and raisins. On the middle layer and the base of the apple.As everything is to taste, you can also fill with other cut fruits or chocolate chips, in any case remember that it is a healthy snack recipe so be careful with your choice.

5 Now assemble all the layers and you will already have ready your healthy snack with apple , so take a good bite and enjoy!

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