Easy Chicken Recipes With Few Ingredients

Easy Chicken Recipes With Few Ingredients

Our today topic is easy chicken recipes with few ingredients.We will share easy chicken recipes with few ingredients.Also we will share chicken recipes for babies.

Oven roasted Chicken Traditional recipes for children

The roast chicken is a traditional recipe that is ideal for children so easily they chew and tasty resulting meat, especially with this recipe baked.

One of the advantages of this recipe is that the chicken is one of the cheapest meats on the market. In addition, if there is chicken left you can make recycling menus like exquisite chicken croquettes.

Easy Chicken Recipes With Few Ingredients

Chicken of 2,5 kilos approx.
Head of garlic
Chicken soup
Olive oil
Two or three potatoes

How to make, step by step, baked chicken

1. If you have not done it on the market, clean the chicken thoroughly. Leave it without head, feet and feathers and empty well inside.

2. Prepare the chicken while we preheat the oven to 200º and pour oil in the oven tray: add salt and pepper together with the thyme well spread throughout the chicken.

3. Introduce three cloves of garlic on the back of the chicken and half a lemon.

4. In a bowl crush two cloves of garlic and add a little thyme, pepper and chicken broth.

5. Place the two sliced ​​potatoes in the bottom of the dish, they will be the accompaniment and they will take all the flavor of the oven and the juice that you are adding.

6. We put the chicken in the center of the fountain and we sprinkle with some of the chicken broth with the garlic and the thyme and we put it in the oven.

7. Let the chicken go to make and spray from time to time with the broth to prevent it from drying. The chicken will be roasted in about an hour.

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