Easy Apple Pudding Recipe

Easy Apple Pudding Recipe

Today we are going to share Easy Apple Pudding Recipe. Easy Apple Pudding Recipe is a simple and very easy recipe.By following this Easy Apple Pudding Recipe any one can make apple pie now.

Apple Pudding Recipe and Microwave Cookies.Today we will enjoy a caero dessert with a seasonal fruit base: an apple pudding . In general, you can make the pudding or pudding, which refers to the same, with any fruit and even with bread from the previous day , according to your tastes. In this case we have opted for apple accompanied by an extra element to give body, and we have obtained a recipe of apple pudding and cookies.

If you want to surprise with a different dessert, sweet, and a spongy texture but strong, points the recipe we share in Free Recipes, once you try you can not stop eating it! And as an accompaniment, you can use caramel as we have done or do it in individual formats and add, for example, a ball of homemade vanilla ice cream. Read on and discover how to make apple pudding and microwave cookies , delicious!

Easy Apple Pudding Recipe  Ingredients for 4 servings :

 6 Units of Mary Cookies

 1 Unit of Apple

 130 milliliters of milk

 1 cup of sugar

 1 teaspoon of lemon essence

 2 Units of Eggs

 Liquid candy

Easy Apple Pudding Recipe

1 First we list the ingredients needed to make the apple pudding recipe in microwave that we are going to supplement with a touch of cookie.

2  Let’s grind the cookie we’re going to use to make this rich apple pudding. A trick: put the whole cookies in a freezer bag and close it. Then hit the cookies with a rolling pin. It will be much easier and much faster.

3 Peel the apples from our cookie pudding and cut them into small pieces. Sprinkle them with sugar and put them in the microwave until we have a rich apple syrup.

4 We heat the milk in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Then add the lemon essence to continue with the preparation of apple pudding and microwave biscuits.

5 Mix the liquid ingredients (milk and eggs) with the solids (biscuit and apple) in the blender until smooth and homogenous dough leaves the apple pudding perfect. In the bowl in which we will make it thicken, cover the bottom of abundant liquid caramel , and then pour the mixture.

6 Introduce the apple pudding and cookies in the microwave for 8 minutes to 60% of the power of the appliance . After that time we will have our apple pudding ready.

7 It is presented on the plate and ready to enjoy. Can you resist giving him a bite? We do not! Do not hesitate, prepare this delicious apple pudding and cookie in microwave and tell us what you thought the recipe.

Referring to Fig.

If you liked Pudin’s apple recipe and microwave biscuits , we suggest you to enter our Apple Recipes category or let yourself be surprised at our recipe recipe .

Additional Information

Cost: Cheap

For: Dessert

Cooking: Microwave

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Easy Apple Pudding Recipe Easy Apple Pudding Recipe Easy Apple Pudding Recipe Easy Apple Pudding Recipe Easy Apple Pudding Recipe Easy Apple Pudding Recipe Easy Apple Pudding Recipe Easy Apple Pudding Recipe

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