Ear Diseases

Ear Diseases And Symptoms

Our today topic is ear diseases and symptoms causes and treatments. The humming of the ear is that people are constantly or periodically hearing non-sourced voices. The earbud can be in one or two ear tones.

Causes of Ear Mouth
High Violent Sound
Exposure to a violent noise can cause humming of the ear. These violent sounds can cause people to hear sounds that do not exist in the environment. The noise that can cause the humming of the ear can be caused by a concert, firearms, noisy mechanical devices or explosions. These voices, caused by a sudden explosion sound or a continuous mechanical device, damage the hair cells and ear nerves.

Ear Diseases And Symptoms

Health conditions such as ear infections and some allergies can also cause ear humming. Candle accumulation in the ear, infection, tearing in the ear canal, as well as heart conditions, allergies, tumors and head injuries may also cause ear humming. In addition, the ear canal may also be a sign of serious conditions such as a tumor or an aneurysm. For this reason, it is very important to accurately determine the cause of the hearing loss.

Drugs The
Kuala may be a side effect of some medicines and alcohol use. In addition, earache may occur as a side effect of drugs such as alcohol, aspirin, sedatives, antibiotics, antidepressants, stimulants and anti inflammatory drugs.

The reasons for the humming of the ear can be listed in the table as follows:

Environmental Factors

Construction machines
Electric tools
Woodworking machines
Gun sounds
Loud music
Health Conditions

Anxiety / Stress
Ear disturbances
Heart diseases
Head / neck trauma

Ear Diseases And Symptoms

Excess salt

Ear Uragus Treatment

salt intake Reduce salt intake. Salt reduces blood circulation and causes fluid accumulation in the middle ear. Coffee, tea, cola, and cigarettes also increase the symptoms of the humming of the ear.

Do Sports
Daily exercise and get enough rest. Daily regular exercise increases blood circulation, reduces stress and reduces symptoms of ear muff.

Hear Your Ears in High Audio Environments
Use ear protection devices where you are exposed to high noisy environments. Ear protection may be avoided if earplugs, such as earplugs or earplugs, are used in such environments. But cotton plugs should not be used because the ear protects the cesta and can stick to the ear canal.

Ear Diseases And Symptoms

Attention to Drugs Drugs
that can reveal the signs of ear buzzing should be avoided. (caffeine, cigarettes, some drugs such as aspirin). Other medications that may cause ear humming include: antiinflammatory agents (aspirin and nonsteroidal pain killers) antidepressants, antibiotics, and sedatives. If you are using these medicines and see if there are tinnitus and buzzers, consult your doctor. The doctor will reset the doses of these drugs you use.

Hearing Device Needed The
ear canal can also cause hearing loss in some situations. For these patients, using a hearing aid may reduce or temporarily disrupt the hearing loss. But adjusting the hearing aid at a higher level can further aggravate the hearing loss.

Psychological Support
Those who are humming with ear can also get external support. Thanks to a consultant or a personal help group, the person learns not to beat the hearing and to minimize the effects of the symptoms on the life.

Neurotherapy and relaxation therapies are also used to treat the hearing loss. The response of a neurotherapeutic patient to a stimulus (muscle tension, etc.) is observed and the responses are changed by relaxation. Neurotherapide helps the patient to control the circulation and muscle groups by lowering the blood pressure and relaxing the tense muscles. Neurotherapy is especially used when there is a persistent earbud or when the patients are emotionally stressed. In addition, a treatment method called retraining therapy can also be applied in cases of chronic ear humming. This therapy focuses on retraining the way the brain’s ear-buzzing sounds work. This therapy is intended to reduce the patient’s reaction to ear humming and to reduce the general ear humming perception.

Ear Diseases And Symptoms

Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin A
Gingko gingko biloba and Vitamin A are also effective in reducing symptoms of ear humming.

Consulting the Doctor to Determine the Cause
In some cases, the problem that causes the ear canal is removed by removing the discomfort. If the humming of the ear is constant and violent, daily life can be very difficult. Certain medications may also be prescribed by the doctor to remove the condition that caused the humming of the ear.

Life Style Changes
Some lifestyle changes can also help to reduce the number of items. The type of treatment may vary according to the patient’s age, health status and severity of symptoms. If the discomfort is severe, daily activities can become difficult and disrupt the sleeping pattern.


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