Ear Burn

Ear Burn Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is ear burn.Sometimes it is quite normal to feel a momentary embarrassment or embarrassment, or a burning sensation in our ears when we eat hot and spicy foods. The feeling of burning in such cases arises from the fact that the blood comes from my ear veins quickly and intensely. This burning sensation resolves within a few minutes.

However, a burning or tingling sensation in our ear may be a sign of more serious illnesses if they are frequently caused by an unseen cause. Many people can experience such abnormal skin feelings. The countervailing response to this condition is paresthesia and may be associated with an infection, inflammation or trauma that causes destruction of the nerves.

Ear Burn Causes And Treatment

Causes of Ear Burn
Now let’s first look at the reasons for these unusual ear burns:

Ear Injury
A disability at the ear can cause nerves to be damaged, which can lead to a pain or burning sensation. A blow that may come directly to the ear or a damage to the ear caused by an accident can cause the ear to burn.

Middle Ear Inflammation
Middle ear infections are the most common cause of ear infections. This inflammation causes a fluid to form in the middle ear. The anterior tube is responsible for draining the middle ear ligature and the middle ear lavage. Therefore, when this tube is blocked, the fluid accumulates in the middle ear and causes an infectious agent to form. This infection in the middle ear causes ear pain, ear congestion , swelling and burning in the ear.

Ear Burn Causes And Treatment

Inflammation of the
external ear canal Inflammation of the external ear canal is also one of the major causes of burning and tingling in the ear. This is usually seen as the end result of trapping the water in the outer ear, especially after the end of swimming. The water that accumulates in the outer ear creates a humid environment and opens the door to infectious agents such as bacteria. The most important symptoms of middle ear inflammation are itching, redness, burning sensation, swelling and fullness in the ear.

Sinus Infections
Sinus infections or sinusitis also cause a burning sensation in the ear. Sinus infections can be caused by colds, allergic rhinitis, nasal decay, or benign tumors (polyps) in the nasal cavity. All of these conditions can cause the sinuses to block and ultimately prevent the discharge of fluid. This can lead to many symptoms including ear burning.

Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy
Untreated diabetes can cause damage to the environmental nerves and lead to a tingling sensation, tingling or numbness, burning sensations in places such as legs and ears. This is called peripheral neuropathy .

Ear Burn Causes And Treatment

Stroke The
sensation of burning in the ear can sometimes be caused by a paralysis that causes symptoms such as headache, visual disturbances, cheeky speech, dizziness and paralysis.

Other Possible Causes

Trauma to the cranial nerves
Extremely cold
Chemical burning
Ear mucus
Multiple sclerosis
Boil and shingles disease
Diagnosis and Treatment of Ear Burn
The feeling of burning and tingling in the ear can be linked to many health problems and can only be cured if this burning sensation is of real benefit.

Ear Burn Causes And Treatment

Significance of Diagnosis
If the ear infection is caused by an infection, antibiotic therapy is initiated.

However, treatment options are completely different if ear burning occurs as a symptom of peripheral neuropathy. For this reason, accurate diagnosis is very important in the treatment of ear burns.

To diagnose this condition, doctors firstly take the medical history of the patient and perform various physical tests, ear and brain tomography scans and neurological tests. Specific tests that control movement, balance, coordination, seeing and hearing are performed. All these tests are based on finding the true cause of real ear burning.


The feeling of frequent burning at the ear is most likely directly related to a specific health problem, and therefore the doctor’s examination is very important. Once the disease is diagnosed, practices to treat the disease are performed and ear burning is treated as a result.

Aloe Vera
Burning symptoms are minimized by driving the aloe vera to the outside of the ear if chemical burns or sunburn are caused by ear burns.

Ear Burn Causes And Treatment

Antibiotic and Inflammatory Remedies Medications
Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are quite effective if they cause a boil in the ear.

Anti-virus drugs Anti-viral drugs
should be used if the feeling of burning in the outer ear is the cause of shingles.

Controlling Blood Sugar
If ear burning is a symptom of diabetes, it is very important to control blood sugar first. Vitamin supplements can also cause your ear to burn.

Topical Creams
If paresthesia is seen due to nerve damage, this healing of the nerve will also improve ear burning, a symptom of paresthesia. Some medicines written by doctors are used to treat these nerves. Some topical drug creams can also be included in this treatment. After exercising the cause, some exercises accelerate the healing process of these damaged nerves. But in the face of a paresthesia, neck exercises can be harmful.

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