Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms

Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms And Treatment

Our today topic is duodenal ulcer symptoms.We will talk about duodenal ulcer symptoms.What are the main symptoms of duodenal ulcer?What are the treatments of duodenal ulcer?Duodenal Ulcer SymptomsDuodenal ulcer or duodenal ulcer is a kind of peptic ulcer that develops in the upper part of the small intestine. Your jaws will reach your destination through your throat or through your food pipe. We produce an acid to aid digestion of your cats, and then pass on the duodenum (twelve finger intestines), the first part of the small intestine. When you reach the small intestine, the enzymes combine with your cats to digest. Enzymes were produced from cells in the small intestine and pancreas. Enzymes digest your cats, your body is assimilated.

A duodenal ulcer is a stomach ulcer that occurs in the intestines of the twelve fingers, and the twelve finger gut is the most common place for the stomach ulcer to be seen. Stomach ulcers are places where the intestinal layer is damaged by gastric acid and the underlying tissue is also exposed to it.

Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms And Treatment

What are Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms?
Stomach pain, just below the chest bone, is the most common symptom of duodenal ulcer. The pain can come and go, and it can be noticed before you eat or eat most of your stomach. Sometimes it can wake you up from your sleep.
There are other symptoms that can also be tenderness, swelling and feeling sick. Stomach pain can be more severe after eating or you may feel full at the time of disturbing.

Duodenal ulcer may present with severe complications such as ulcer bleeding or perforation. During the puncture process, Duodenal Ulcer Symptomsthe ulcer widens to the wall of the twelve finger intestines and may cause severe soreness by causing acid to leak into your stomach. If you experience this, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Acid inhibitors and antacids (medicines used to achieve the tapered gas and acid balance) can temporarily relieve ulcer-induced stomachaches. However, if you feel the symptoms of duodenal ulcer are uninterrupted, consult your doctor.

Duodenal Ulcer and Stomach
Cancer The diagnosis of stomach and duodenal ulcer depends only on the location in your body. Duodenal ulcers are the first ulcer of the intestine, twelve finger ulcers. If an ulcer is seen, it is called a stomach ulcer.

Reasons for Duodenal Ulcer
In 95% of cases, duodenal ulcers come from a helicobacter pylorus (a spiral type bacterium found in the sclera).

In 5% of cases, duodenal ulcers occur due to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as drugs taken for muscle or joint pain, or aspirin that can be used against the formation of blood clots.

Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms And Treatment

Duodenal Ulcer Diagnosis
It is possible to observe whether you carry duodenal ulcer with a gastroscopy or endoscopy. In this test a small telescope is observed from your throat and twelve finger gut.Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms Then, with medical expertise, it is possible to check and confirm whether there is any ulcer or inflammation in these areas.
If you are diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer, you will probably be subjected to a test that will determine whether this inflammation is coming from the helicobacter pylorus. This test can be completed by testing samples of stool, blood, endoscopy, or a biopsy taken on a breath examination.

Duodenal Ulcer Medical Treatment
Duodenal ulcer treatment depends on the cause of the ulcer outbreak and may include the following.

1. Antibiotics
If you have a helicobacter pylori bacteremia, you can take antibiotics for a few weeks from your doctor besides the medication you will take to reduce the amount of stomach acid produced to get rid of it.

2. Proton Pump Inhibitor
These drug treatments limit the area of ​​production of stomach acid and support the healing of ulcers. It can be taken both as a prescription and as a non-prescription. Because the prolonged use of these medicines may increase your risk of fracture of the wrist, hip and spine. Your doctor may suggest you take calcium.

3. Acid inhibitors
These drugs, also known as histamine or H-2 inhibitors, limit the amount of acid transferred from the midgut to the small intestine, helping to heal and relieve pain. These medications can be taken with or without a prescription.

4. Antacids
These medicines help reduce pain by eliminating the effect of stomach acid. Duodenal Ulcer SymptomsIt has no healing properties and side effects such as diarrhea or constipation can be seen.

5. Cytoprotective agents
These prescription or non-prescription medicines help to protect the thin layer of your intestine and your head.

Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms And Treatment

6. Follow-up
If your duodenal ulcer treatment is not successful or if the symptoms get worse, your doctor may suggest you enter the endoscopy to determine other causes of your ulcer.

7. Operation Surgery
for ulcers was a common choice prior to determining that Helicobacter pylorus is the main cause of duodenal ulcer formation and before the administration of drugs controlling gastric acid. Now this is only necessary when there are conditions such as piercing or bleeding.

Duodenal Ulcer Home Treatment Methods
1. Do not smoke
Smoking increases the amount of stomach acid produced and increases the risk of ulceration by mixing with the stomach and intestinal tract.

2. Limit your use of
alcohol To consume too much alcohol causes irritation of the stomach and intestinal layers, leading to erosion, bleeding or inflammation.

3. Perform a duodenal ulcer diet
Treatment of duodenal ulcers includes the production of gastric acid, irritation and indigestion, avoiding foods that increase stomach ache and pain symptoms.Although the effects of different meals vary depending on the individual,Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms the foods listed below may cause irritation to people suffering from doudenal ulcer disease.Drinking orange and grapefruit juices, green and black tea, coffee, plain and chocolate milk, hot cocoa and alcohol
Spices and seasonings such as garlic, onion or kid powder, red or black pepper
Processed meats such as high fat meals, spicy meals, chocolate meals, foods containing cream or whole milk, spicy cheeses, normal or hot peppers, sausage, butt, salami or sausage, tomato juice, tomato sauce or other foods containing tomato-containing foods such as tomato paste
Below are four healthy food groups you can eat with low sugar, salt and fat.

Fruits and vegetables
Nutrients with low fat content or skimmed milk
Whole grain products, brown rice, pasta and whole wheat bread
Lean meats, poultry meats, eggs, nuts and beansDuodenal Ulcer Symptoms

It is also a good idea to eat less than 2 hours before bedtime and eat more often with smaller meals.

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