How to decorate the interior of the house for the winter?

Winter keeps everyone inside the house, because more sun outside if not very cold. Staying in a pleasant environment requires the ease that good interior decoration can arouse, such as a little whim in the living room, which could be illustrated by a beautiful fireplace, lighting adapted to the winter season, a well-appointed bedroom, a very convivial dining room to enjoy. a warm atmosphere, and a design that already puts us in the Christmas spirit.

1.Small fireplace

Small fireplace

For the coming holidays, a candle inspiration can lead us to the original decorative candle with an exclusive design. This creation is the work of the expert BOUGIES A LA FRANCAISE (Designers in CUGAND) who unveils this handcrafted product which is part of the Christmas Scandinavian collection Candle in the shape of a Dalarna horse, Nordic inspiration in black colors, white, beige with a burning time: +/- 1h30, a height: 145mm Length: 90mm, and a depth: 47mm Weight: 158g. Hurry to have one of these candles; celebrations are now being prepared.

2.Central fireplace in a large house

Central fireplace in a large house

A large house is very difficult to heat and design, especially during cold periods. However, this beautiful central open fireplace, with double painted aluminum hood, gives a very trendy style to the living room which must adapt its design to the size of the house. With a green wall on the large entrance wall, we find ourselves in an environment that offers well-being inside the house.

3.Winter Garden

Winter Garden

A winter garden is first of all a good combination of plants inside the house, or its extension intended for this purpose. The homify expert shows this achievement in a house on the Gulf of Morbihan on the outskirts of AURAY, which is inspired by organic architecture in order to offer a summary of passive elements for an energy performance without technical sophistication.

4.Small decoration in the corridor

Small decoration in the corridor

The winter period including the end of year celebrations, it is important to decorate the house in a Christmas spirit by not neglecting the impact of candles in the interior decoration of the house. Using objects already existing in the house such as a beautiful blue vase, some small colored candles, some flowering plants, some white trinkets, a beautiful dried branch in the pot, we manage to create a small party space on a fireplace in the of the House. FARROW & BALL (Painting and wall covering in Wimborne, United Kingdom) is a good illustration of this decoration which can give holiday sensations all year round.

5.A whim at the show

A whim at the show

A little whim inside the house, would be the installation of this bunk hanging in the living room: wrapped in a protective cocoon away from the daily bustle and ambient noise, we get carried away in a small warm universe that seems to disconnect from the rest of the room. The Cacoon is made of a blend of polyester, cotton and voile. You heard right! Sailing! This is not a coincidence, the founders of the Hang in Out studio, also inventors of the Cacoon, are experts in the manufacture of sail for yachts.

6.Light in winter tone

Light in winter tone

Winter is a period that is not very bright (natural light), because the outside light is very insignificant and very brief. However, it would be appropriate to provide this design lighting (a table lamp) made of cardboard that JESSICA MONS (Interior architects in Sathonay Village), which highlights cardboard grooves that express an original charm of a very light impressive in the house.

7.Light in Christmas tone

Light in Christmas tone

MamaUrsula creates decorative items, lighting and eco-design accessories. Each piece is unique and handmade using traditional Merino natural wool felting methods. Its concept is to combine natural fibers and ultra-modern colors around a pure and delicate line, in order to create a real atmosphere of well-being. 100% of the creations are made in his workshop near Toulouse.

8.A dining room to stay warm

A dining room to stay warm

A modern dining room , close to the kitchen, is an ideal solution in winter to stay together warm, during meals with family or friends. The central island has given way to a large oval table, with very trendy lighting which highlights the light parquet which contributes to bring out the clarity of the house.

9.A room that involves the winter landscape

A room that involves the winter landscape

From the bedroom installed in an all-wooden unit, the large windows invite the beautiful winter landscape inside the house, as if there were no difference between the interior and the exterior (apart from the temperature ), the interior of the house breathes peace and balance, to spend pleasant time and watch the winters unfold.

10.Choosing the right blankets to stay warm

Choosing the right blankets to stay warm

Choosing the right interior decoration for your home means choosing the design of the bedroom, its cover and its carpets. Like a child, you let yourself be carried away by the softness of the winter blanket that accompanies sleep in a very modern room that lets outside light enter the house through its windows.

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