Quick And Easy Homemade Custard Recipe

The custard is a sweet mix of egg yolks and milk that thickens quite a bit once in the fire. It is the basis of the custard that really is made in a very similar way. They also serve as filling of some Kings in old time. Here, we are going to make custard recipe easy to make, with very few ingredients and very tasty. We will add vanilla and of course, cornstarch (so that it thickens). Go for it


500 ml milk

100g of sugar

4 egg yolks

40g of fine corn (cornstarch)

Two tablespoons of vanilla essence

Custard Recipe

 1.- The first thing is to separate the yolks from the whites and place the yolks of the eggs in a bowl. The egg whites, you can save them and make another elaboration with them (like to mount them to the point of snow with sugar, and to put portions of this mixture in the oven. We also put the sugar in the bowl and beat it well, until it is a homogeneous mixture.

2.- Once this is done, we put the milk to heat in a dish, reserving half a glass. Add this half glass to the mixture of egg yolks and sugar and add also the cornstarch and beat again well. Until everything is well homogenized and without a single lump.

3.- Now, we add the milk that we were heating. It should be hot but not boiling. This is so that the eggs do not stick (about 50-60 ° C). We pour it slowly, in a fine thread without stopping to stir, until we have finished pouring all the milk.

4.- Finally, we take to fire half the whole mixture and, with a wooden spoon, we remove constantly. Do not ever stop stirring, and it should be done on medium heat or else it will burn. In about 3-5 minutes, we will see that it starts to thicken. When this happens, we put it in a basket and let it rest in the fridge. We will already have a delicious pastry cream very useful to fill our dishes and that besides being very easy to do.

With these amounts, you will be left with a custard of a quite acceptable density. However, if you want a slightly more liquid custard, you can add more milk at the end. If you want it more dense, once it has been badly remedied, but the next time you make it, you can add a little more of Maizena (the main ingredient that thickens here is Maizena, not the egg) In Spain people love to eat Seafood Mussel food is also very famous in Spain. 


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