Cortical Cyst

Cortical Cyst Symptoms And Treatment

Our today topic is cortical cyst.We will talk about cortical cyst.What are the causes of this disease?What are the symptoms of cortical cyst. Cortical cyst is a very common type of kidney cyst. Renal cortex is called renal cortex. Cortical CystIt is a fluid-filled pouch that grows out of the kidney. Although it can be one or more pouches, these can occur only in one kidney or in two kidneys.Understanding the causes and signs of cortical cystine will be useful in terms of treatment. If you have been diagnosed with cortical cysts, the basic information you need to know is:

Cortical Cyst Symptoms
A cyst of very small size may cause no probing, but may be noticed as a result of routine examination for another reason. As the cyst grows, you may start to feel pain spreading downwards, usually on your back or back. This pain is usually not acute but dull pain. When it is big enough, it is possible to feel a cyst when you press your tummy with your hands. You may notice blood or bubbles in your urine. You can also experience high blood pressure problems.

Cortical Cyst Symptoms And Treatment

Causes of Cortical Cystinism
Nobody knows exactly what caused the cortical cyst. It may be due to infection, injury or genetic reasons. According to scientists, this is more likely to occur in males than females, and the risk of getting that disease increases with age.Cortical Cyst

Cortical Cyst Treatment
Fortunately, there are many ways to treat these cysts. Some of these methods are effective on their own, while others are useful when applied together with other methods.

Natural Treatments Although
these natural methods are beneficial, they result in longer time than other methods.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Change: Changing your eating habits affects how long your cyst will stay or when it will recur. You should stay away from spicy and oily foods, beverages such as coffee, soda, and processed foods that are stimulating. Since cigarettes and alcohol also raise problems with the kidneys, it would be sensible to avoid them altogether.

Reduce Sodium Intake: As the cyst causes high blood pressure, you can prevent your sodium intake from getting worse. A low sodium diet can help cysts heal by reducing the pressure on the kidneys.Cortical Cyst

Medical Treatments
There are many medical treatments that can help you cope with cortical cysts.

Cortical Cyst Symptoms And Treatment

Regular Control: If your cyst is small and does not cause any symptoms, your doctor may tell you to come back after 6 months or 1 year. Slowly growing cysts can remain in your body for as long as they reach the size that will disturb you.

Medicines: Medicines for this disease are usually not intended to treat cysts but to reduce complaints. Your doctor may give you antibiotics and painkillers when planning your treatment.

Drilling: In this simple process, the needle is inserted into the cyst and the liquid inside is drained. In order to prevent growth, alcohol is injected into it. However, the cyst may eventually become filled with liquid and the process may need to be repeated.Cortical Cyst

Laparoscopic Stripping: This procedure is a more serious procedure, with the cyst being opened and the two ends burned. You need to stay at the hospital for one night.Cortical Cyst

Chinese Medicines: In this natural treatment, medicines placed in small packages are intended to be placed on the kidney and slowly absorbed through the skin to minimize the cyst. Although this procedure requires several sessions, it is applied to elderly patients who do not want surgery because they are harmless.


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