How To Cook Clams In The Shell Spanish Style

How To Cook Clams In The Shell Spanish Style

The clams recipe is probably the most common way to prepare clam in Spain. It is a recipe of cuisine very typical of Galicia, to the northwest of the country. And, like all Galician meals (especially seafood) it is very rich !. It is also a very easy and quick recipe to make, which has few ingredients. In addition, it is very tasty, with which, it has an unbeatable satisfaction / effort ratio. It also has few ingredients. Let’s see  to the clams recipe seaman.Authentic Spanish soup recipes are now very famous in world.

Ingredients For Clams Recipe For 4 People:-

1 kg of clean clams (cleaned alone, leaving them in the fridge for an entire night in salted water)
2 cloves garlic
A spoonful of chopped parsley
Two tablespoons of flour
Half a glass of olive oil
A good stream of white vinegar

Easy Clams Recipe:-

1.- In a casserole, we put the olive oil and the chopped garlic. Stir the garlic over medium heat, until golden brown.
2.- When the garlic begins to take color, we add the flour and we integrate all the ingredients well with a wooden spoon. Let it wait for a couple of minutes, to cook the flour well and then do not know raw.
3.- We put a stream of white vinegar and integrate and stir well again with the rest of ingredients. Let there be no lumps. There should be a rather liquid sauce, but not too much because the clams will release some water.
4.- After another two minutes, when the vinegar has been well integrated and its liquid has evaporated, we throw the clams and the finely chopped parsley. Cook until the clams are opened. Finally, if necessary, we rectify salt (the clams already have a lot of salt).
And with this, we will have ready some delicious clams . As you can see, it is not difficult to prepare them. I hope you get excited and try this recipe in your house!


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